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frontmatter and carriage return 11 days ago

From to ~adnano/kiln-discuss

I'm really enjoying `kiln` so thanks for building it!

I had a couple of posts that were written with carriage return's for newlines.
This caused the frontmatter parser to fail which then removed title and date
from those articles.

First, I wanted to just point out that potential issue for other users, but
I'm also wondering if it's something kiln should detect and handle or at
least notify the user?

I'd be happy to submit a patch for either if we think it's a useful.  I wasn't
able to figure out the issue until I started debugging in the code.

[PATCH aerc] fix typo in quoted reply template 1 year, 3 months ago

From Eric Bower to ~sircmpwn/aerc

After running a fresh install of aerc there was a config error when
trying to start the app.

 templates/quoted_reply | 2 +-
 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/templates/quoted_reply b/templates/quoted_reply
index d74415a..8ec0ec7 100644
--- a/templates/quoted_reply
+++ b/templates/quoted_reply
@@ -1,3 +1,3 @@

On {{dateFormat (.OriginalDate | toLocal) "Mon Jan 2, 2006 at 3:04 PM MST"}}, {{(index .OriginalFrom 0).Name}} wrote:
[message trimmed]

[PATCH] Add access and error logging for requests made to the server. 1 year, 3 months ago

From Eric Bower to ~gsthnz/public-inbox

I used nginx as a template for access and error logs.  The access logs go to
stdout and the error logs go to stdin.

ex access logs: [2021-03-06 05:03:38.467249638 +0000 UTC m=+13.910850447] "GET index.gmi" [20] [2021-03-06 05:15:34.430020167 +0000 UTC m=+729.873620943] "GET /sdfsf" [51]

ex error logs:
2021-03-06 05:15:34.430449671 +0000 UTC m=+729.874050458 [error] Not found, client:, request: "GET /sdfsf"

 gemini.go  | 15 +++++++++------
 logging.go | 21 +++++++++++++++++++++
 server.go  | 17 +++++++++--------
[message trimmed]

Updated recommendations regarding TOFU & TLS 1 year, 3 months ago

From Eric Bower to ~adnano/gemini

On Thu Mar 4, 2021 at 1:10 PM EST, Drew DeVault wrote:

> This thread demonstrates quite neatly why I'm not
> subscribed to the mailing list in the first place: because it's full of
> such esteemed posters as yourself.

I don't mean to derail the focus of the conversation which is TOFU and TLS,
but as a newbie to this mailing list, I have to agree with the quoted
sentiment above.  It seems there's a bit of vitriol to an "outsider"
(Drew introduced me to gemini through his blog) who is trying to share his
recommendations.  I see nothing wrong with a non-subscriber sending
an email to the list. It's easy to archive/trash/filter out the sender
if you don't want to acknowledge their existence.