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Version 0.23.0 of package Sweeprolog has just been released in NonGNU ELPA.
You can now find it in M-x list-packages RET.

Sweeprolog describes itself as:

  Embedded SWI-Prolog

More at https://elpa.nongnu.org/nongnu/sweeprolog.html

## Summary:


				Eshel Yaron

  This manual describes the Emacs package Sweep (or `sweeprolog.el'),
  which provides an embedded SWI-Prolog runtime inside of Emacs.

  Table of Contents

## Recent NEWS:


This file contains the release notes for Sweep, an embedding of
SWI-Prolog in Emacs.

For further details, please consult the manual:

[https://eshelyaron.com/sweep.html] <https://eshelyaron.com/sweep.html>

Version 0.23.0 on 2023-08-18

Sweep now requires Compat, the forward-compatibility library for Elisp

  This version introduces a dependency of Sweep on Compat, the
  forward-compatibility library for Elisp available from GNU ELPA.
  Compat provides implementations of newer Elisp functions and features
  for older Emacs versions, and Sweep now makes use of it for improved
  backward compatibility and ease of maintenance.

Version 0.22.2 on 2023-08-14

Fix potential crash due to a collision between Xwidgets and XPCE

  This version fixes an issue that could cause Emacs to crash during
  certain Sweep operations if Emacs is built with Xwidgets and
  SWI-Prolog is built with XPCE.

Fix feedback in `sweeprolog-set-prolog-flag' and `sweeprolog-set-pack-install'

  In previous versions, these commands could report failure even when
  they in fact succeeded.  This version fixes the feedback these
  commands provide.

Version 0.22.1 on 2023-08-07

New command `sweeprolog-submit-bug-report'

  Use this command to contact the Sweep maintainers directly from within
  Emacs.  It has been documented in the manual already since version
  0.6, but its implementation was unintentionally omitted.

Version 0.22.0 on 2023-07-20

New in-buffer completion implementation

  This version of Sweep includes an overhaul of the way the
  `completion-at-point' command (`C-M-i') works in `sweeprolog-mode'
  buffers.  Sweep now performs a more refined analysis of the code
  around point when you invoke `completion-at-point' to determine what
  kind of completion candidates to provide.  This results in the
  following improvements:

  • Completion now works also for quoted atoms and functors
  • Completion now avoids inserting parentheses and arguments after
    completing a compound term when the opening parenthesis is already
    in place before you invoke `completion-at-point'
  • Completion now takes into account the qualifying module (if any)
    when completing predicate calls, and suggests only predicates
    defined in that module

Version 0.21.0 on 2023-06-27

New `sweeprolog-pce' custom theme

  This version of Sweep adds a custom theme called `sweeprolog-pce' that
  mimics the highlighting of SWI-Prolog’s built-in editor, PceEmacs.
  This theme obsoletes the “faces styles” feature that Sweep provided
  thus far for the purpose of emulating PceEmacs highlighting.

  For backward compatibility, the user option `sweeprolog-faces-style'
  is retained for the next few versions.  Also, if you have
  `sweeprolog-faces-style' set to `light' or `dark', Sweep tries to
  respect that by enabling the `sweeprolog-pce' theme for you when you
  first open a Prolog buffer, which should achieve the same result of
  mimicking PceEmacs highlighting.

Descriptions for module completion candidates

  Commands that read a Prolog module name in the minibuffer now provide
  enhanced information about completion candidates.  Namely, the
  annotation for documented modules now also includes the module’s one
  line description.

`C-x 4 a' in Prolog buffers finds the predicate indicator at point

  Sweep now defines a dedicated `add-log-current-defun-function' for
  `sweeprolog-mode' buffers.  This allows `C-x 4 a' and related commands
  to correctly identify the predicate definition at point for inclusion
  in commit messages and change log entries.

Version 0.20.0 on 2023-06-19

New user option `sweeprolog-top-level-persistent-history'

  This option controls if and where Sweep top-level buffers store their
  input history persistently.  Persistent history is off by default, …
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