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of supported platforms, we collect the data we need for

# Installation and configuration

1. Clone this repository: `git clone https://git.sr.ht/~etalab/codegouvfr-fetch-data && cd codegouvfr-fetch-data`
2. Install Python dependencies: `pip install -r requirements.txt`
3. [Create a GitHub Token](https://docs.github.com/en/authentication/keeping-your-account-and-data-secure/creating-a-personal-access-token)
4. Create an account on [libraries.io](https://libraries.io/) and create an API key on your [account page](https://libraries.io/account).
5. Set the following environment variables: GITHUB_TOKEN and LIBRARIESIO_API_KEY. Ex: `export GITHUB_TOKEN="your github token" ; export LIBRARIESIO_API_KEY="your libraries.io api key"`
6. Create the folders that will receive the output data: `mkdir -p data/organizations/csv && mkdir -p data/organizations/json && mkdir -p data/repositories/csv && mkdir -p data/repositories/json && mkdir -p data/libraries/csv && mkdir -p data/libraries/json`
7. Check the content of the `platforms.csv` file and update its content if needed.

# Generate JSON and CSV files

Launch the script with `python fetch.py`. The output files will be available in the subfolders of `data`.

## Todo

We aim at collecting data from more forges: