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Confy 0.5.5 4 days ago

From Fabio to ~fabrixxm/confy-dev

Confy 0.5.5 has been tagged.

It's a small change I had around for a while, I thought it was time to 
release: when possible, urls are opened with default application for 
file type instead always the browser: this means that videos will be 
played by your preferred video player, which is a nice thing to have 
while browsing archived FOSDEM talks :)

Flatpak update has been pushed also.

Arch Linux AUR package 30 days ago

From Fabio to ~valhalla/lesana-discuss


lesana is now available on Arch Linux via AUR



Confy 0.5.4 a month ago

From Fabio to ~fabrixxm/confy-dev

Confy 0.5.4 has been released.

This is a small release with some fixes made while using Confy during 


Re: Copyright question 2 months ago

From Fabio to ~fabrixxm/confy-dev

"Evangelos Ribeiro Tzaras" devrtz@fortysixandtwo.eu – 10 gennaio 2021 
>  I quickly wanted to ask about the copyright of the svg files in the
>  data/ directory. Are they also GPL-3+? And are you also the author 
> or do
>  they come from somewhere else? If I were to misscredit them this 
> would
>  be a reason for debian ftpmasters to reject the package, so I want to
>  make sure I got everything right :)

The svgs in "data/" are mine, less net.kirgroup.confy.Source.svg[0] 
wich comes from "App Icon Preview"[1], which is CC4.0 by-sa[2], but 
this file is not installed as it was used only as a guide for designing 
the icon (for size and pixel alignment).

Re: [PATCH 4/4] meson: install python modules in "purelib" folder 2 months ago

From Fabio to ~fabrixxm/confy-dev

Thank yout for the patches!
modified how pythondir is found in src/meson.build[0]:

instead of using "prefix" / "purelib", now it's using 
This returns the correct path testing it with builder building for 
native and also building for flatpak.

Please check if it works correctly also for you :)