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Confy Gtk4/libadwaita branch `wip/gitk4` has been merged into `master`. 
It's not 100% at
pair in features with last gtk3 version, but it's usable.

What work:

- get conferences from Giggty's json file
- add custom event url
- edit user-provided events details
- search in events list
- event info
- browse by day / tracks / room / starred
- star / unstar
- talk details
- talk conflicts display
- incoming starred talk notification

What is missing:

- map page
- talks search
- event data reload from main window
- many details

What's new:

- Gtk4 / libadwaita (d'oh..)
- events list and event browsing are now two distinct windows. This
allow to open multiple conferences at the same time in multiple
browsing windows, but its been done mainly to split window shortcuts
and to simplify code.
- windows and widgets are using templates with blueprint (
https://jwestman.pages.gitlab.gnome.org/blueprint-compiler/ )

aur package `confy-git` has been updated too and should work
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