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I just released a new version.

The version `0.0.1` get's warnings by the API of katwarn, mowas and biwapp.

Covid-rules which are also on nina displayed are in

For that you need a AGS, a key for every region in Germany.  You can get
one here: [Regionalschl_ssel_2021-07-31.json].

If you want warnings for a specific region, try using `nina::overview(ags)`.
Here is also a AGS required.

[Regionalschl_ssel_2021-07-31.json]: https://www.xrepository.de/api/xrepository/urn:de:bund:destatis:bevoelkerungsstatistik:schluessel:rs_2021-07-31/download/Regionalschl_ssel_2021-07-31.json
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