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[security] maddy 0.5.4 releases 2 years ago

From Max Mazurov to ~foxcpp/maddy

This release includes two important bugfixes for auth.pam users, upgrade is highly
recommended for anyone using it.

## Bugfixes

* auth/pam: Fix double-free crash (GH #272)
* [security] auth/pam: Check for account/password expiry (GHSA-6cp7-g972-w9m9)
* endpoint/smtp: Fix incoming message log record having no msg_id

Re: rspamd Integration 2 years ago

From fox.cpp to ~foxcpp/maddy

Probably you missed my reply on IRC. Currently, there is no integration to learn marked messages as spam. rspamd will use its fixed policy to detect spam.

You can probably write a script using maddyctl and rspamc and run it periodically, but that's it.

Re: fetchmail: client/server synchronization error 2 years ago

From fox.cpp to ~foxcpp/maddy


Looks like a problem caused by maddy's asynchronous update dispatcher. While technically it is not violating any standards, it confuses some clients. Unfortunately, there is no easy solution short of rewriting it from scratch which is not completed yet (tracked in https://github.com/foxcpp/maddy/issues/188).
Perhaps you could try a different synchronization tool in meanwhile (e.g. getmail?).

Re: Setup SMTP relay 3 years ago

From Max Mazurov to ~foxcpp/maddy

Hi Jonas.

> Can someone give me a hint, how I would configure this inside my /etc/maddy/maddy.conf?

Block "target.remote outbound_delivery" is responsible for delivery of messages
for non-local domains.

You can replace target.remote with target.smtp (or target.lmtp if using LMTP),
see manual page maddy-targets[1] for details.

E.g. in your case it could be
target.smtp outbound_delivery {
    targets tcp://mail.mnet-online.de:25

maddy 0.4.3 released 3 years ago

From Max Mazurov to ~foxcpp/maddy

Also here it goes, with a month delay, a mailing list announcement of 0.4.3 
release. Happy holidays, everyone!

## GitHub vs binary artifacts

I am still not able to upload binary tarballs to GitHub for some reason.
A good moment to remind they are available at
This location should be considered a canonical source for binary and source
artifacts for each release.

## Changes

### SMTP server

Docker image for 0.4.3 requires manual intervention 3 years ago

From Max Mazurov to ~foxcpp/maddy

Due to quite a busy month and some complications, I forgot to publish 0.4.3
Docker image. This has been fixed now, with one problem. 

Users of Docker image should edit /data/maddy.conf and add the following
lines to it:

state_dir /data
runtime_dir /tmp

This is the result of build.sh no longer supporting in-executable
patching of default values for these directives.

Sorry for inconvenience!

maddy 0.4.2 released 3 years ago

From Max Mazurov to ~foxcpp/maddy

Among other minor fixes, binary packages (including Docker image) for this release
were built using Go 1.15.5 that includes a fix for CVE-2020-28362 - DoS 
vulnerability in Go TLS client.

## Change log

* check/milter: Add missing handler for milter.ActTempFail ('t') (thanks @hugmouse!)
* msgpipeline: Fix log messages missing for sub-pipelines
* msgpipeline: Fix effective_rcpt in log messages being wrong when sub-pipelines do rewriting
* endpoint/smtp: Fix handling of empty messages in auto-buffer code
* endpoint/smtp: Auto-create directory for "fs" buffer mode


maddy 0.4.0 released 3 years ago

From Max Mazurov to ~foxcpp/maddy

**GitHub is having problems uploading artifacts, grab them 
from https://foxcpp.dev/maddy-builds/0.4.0/** 
This is now the primary source of build artifacts and source

## GPLv3

After short discussion and collecting necessary agreements, decision was
made to change Maddy Mail Server source code license to GNU Public
License Version 3.

See GH#253 for details.

## Deprecated functionality, breaking changes for 0.5

maddy 0.3.3 released 3 years ago

From Max Mazurov to ~foxcpp/maddy

**Note:** We are in the progress of changing maddy source code license from MIT to GPLv3.
This is the last release to have all code available under MIT license.

**Note:** GitHub refused to accept maddy-0.3.3+gd95e4f9-x86_64-linux-musl.tar.zst attachment.
A good reminder that artifacts for all releases are available from https://foxcpp.dev/maddy-builds/

Change log follows...

## Bug fixes

* Fix CRLF mangled into LF by net/textproto and incorrect RFC822.SIZE reported
  by go-imap-sql as a result of that.

maddy 0.3.2 released 3 years ago

From Max Mazurov to ~foxcpp/maddy

## Change log


* Update golang.org/x/text to v0.3.3 (fixes potential DoS)

See CVE-2020-14040 and https://go-review.googlesource.com/c/text/+/238238
for details.

### Bug fixes

For imapsql IMAP backend:
* Fix handling of * seqset
* Add missing counters update for EXPUNGE