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Re: Setup SMTP relay 6 months ago

From Max Mazurov to ~foxcpp/maddy

Hi Jonas.

> Can someone give me a hint, how I would configure this inside my /etc/maddy/maddy.conf?

Block "target.remote outbound_delivery" is responsible for delivery of messages
for non-local domains.

You can replace target.remote with target.smtp (or target.lmtp if using LMTP),
see manual page maddy-targets[1] for details.

E.g. in your case it could be
target.smtp outbound_delivery {
    targets tcp://mail.mnet-online.de:25

maddy 0.4.3 released 6 months ago

From Max Mazurov to ~foxcpp/maddy

Also here it goes, with a month delay, a mailing list announcement of 0.4.3 
release. Happy holidays, everyone!

## GitHub vs binary artifacts

I am still not able to upload binary tarballs to GitHub for some reason.
A good moment to remind they are available at
This location should be considered a canonical source for binary and source
artifacts for each release.

## Changes

### SMTP server

Docker image for 0.4.3 requires manual intervention 6 months ago

From Max Mazurov to ~foxcpp/maddy

Due to quite a busy month and some complications, I forgot to publish 0.4.3
Docker image. This has been fixed now, with one problem. 

Users of Docker image should edit /data/maddy.conf and add the following
lines to it:

state_dir /data
runtime_dir /tmp

This is the result of build.sh no longer supporting in-executable
patching of default values for these directives.

Sorry for inconvenience!

maddy 0.4.2 released 8 months ago

From Max Mazurov to ~foxcpp/maddy

Among other minor fixes, binary packages (including Docker image) for this release
were built using Go 1.15.5 that includes a fix for CVE-2020-28362 - DoS 
vulnerability in Go TLS client.

## Change log

* check/milter: Add missing handler for milter.ActTempFail ('t') (thanks @hugmouse!)
* msgpipeline: Fix log messages missing for sub-pipelines
* msgpipeline: Fix effective_rcpt in log messages being wrong when sub-pipelines do rewriting
* endpoint/smtp: Fix handling of empty messages in auto-buffer code
* endpoint/smtp: Auto-create directory for "fs" buffer mode


maddy 0.4.0 released 11 months ago

From Max Mazurov to ~foxcpp/maddy

**GitHub is having problems uploading artifacts, grab them 
from https://foxcpp.dev/maddy-builds/0.4.0/** 
This is now the primary source of build artifacts and source

## GPLv3

After short discussion and collecting necessary agreements, decision was
made to change Maddy Mail Server source code license to GNU Public
License Version 3.

See GH#253 for details.

## Deprecated functionality, breaking changes for 0.5

maddy 0.3.3 released 1 year, 11 days ago

From Max Mazurov to ~foxcpp/maddy

**Note:** We are in the progress of changing maddy source code license from MIT to GPLv3.
This is the last release to have all code available under MIT license.

**Note:** GitHub refused to accept maddy-0.3.3+gd95e4f9-x86_64-linux-musl.tar.zst attachment.
A good reminder that artifacts for all releases are available from https://foxcpp.dev/maddy-builds/

Change log follows...

## Bug fixes

* Fix CRLF mangled into LF by net/textproto and incorrect RFC822.SIZE reported
  by go-imap-sql as a result of that.

maddy 0.3.2 released 1 year, 1 month ago

From Max Mazurov to ~foxcpp/maddy

## Change log


* Update golang.org/x/text to v0.3.3 (fixes potential DoS)

See CVE-2020-14040 and https://go-review.googlesource.com/c/text/+/238238
for details.

### Bug fixes

For imapsql IMAP backend:
* Fix handling of * seqset
* Add missing counters update for EXPUNGE

Re: [PATCH] Do not panic if BouncerServ command without handler is sent 1 year, 1 month ago

From Max Mazurov to ~emersion/public-inbox

Woops, I forgot to include this in Subject. It is a patch for soju.

[PATCH] Do not panic if BouncerServ command without handler is sent 1 year, 1 month ago

From fox.cpp to ~emersion/public-inbox

 service.go | 14 ++++++++++++++
 1 file changed, 14 insertions(+)

diff --git a/service.go b/service.go
index 1aab5e5..c7faa8c 100644
--- a/service.go
+++ b/service.go
@@ -71,6 +71,20 @@ func handleServicePRIVMSG(dc *downstreamConn, text string) {

	if cmd.handle == nil {
		if len(cmd.children) > 0 {
[message trimmed]

[PATCH soju] Fix handling of empty response to SASL challenge 1 year, 1 month ago

From fox.cpp to ~emersion/public-inbox

 upstream.go | 2 +-
 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/upstream.go b/upstream.go
index 82c2417..35cfb49 100644
--- a/upstream.go
+++ b/upstream.go
@@ -507,7 +507,7 @@ func (uc *upstreamConn) handleMessage(msg *irc.Message) error {

		// TODO: send response in multiple chunks if >= 400 bytes
		var respStr = "+"
		if resp != nil {
		if len(resp) != 0 {
[message trimmed]