maddy 0.2.1 released

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This is a bug fix release that accumulates minor fixes from 
development branch.

## Change log


* Fixed out-of-memory crash triggered by buggy encoding implementation 
  (8edcd9183df6ca53e2872367632b18b1cc0461ab) (see GHSA-8jp9-qm2r-p877)

If you require `hz-gb-2312` handling and understand security consequences, manually
build maddy 0.2.1 with `-tags hz_gb_2312` passed to `go build` command.

### Bug fixes

* dist: Remove unnessecary log prefix matching for fail2ban filter (979effb4597e229837b4c155d736aa11d30acc50)
  Thanks @bn4t!

* check/dkim: Fix a couple of issues in error handling (076fc0d508f3116c1fc54b886ac62e1d3ae24e34)
  DKIM signatures with missing required fields were still considered
  passing for purposes of action selection.
  dkim.IsPermFail/dkim.IsTempFail calls were checking the wrong error

* storage/imapsql: Fix Close deadlock in case of EnableUpdatePipe fail (96a3b964485e17cb4d97481660b42557fafd5c58)

* Fix inconsistency in SASLAuth logger name for endpoints (6b87eb98eb0451a84c8b91dd1dce461bedd59d47)

* log: Strip extra newline from Logger.Write output (ebccff03ae11ed00bc30cb266df0a55d12941923)

### Documentation improvements

* Add missing packages for compilation and fail2ban setup (cfe34368f7181b41d6560812f9fcb83cf8d85b3f)
  Thanks @bn4t!

* Fix small typo (b96acd5259fa8d30989000bc2a1bfa8c089c158c) 
  Thanks @bn4t!

* Clarify SECURITY.md (244b03005124ebb131ed1ae8621f598a8ddff285)

* Update outdated tutorials (b472734713f039300de56867aada6c4e1319b2ac)

## Build artifacts

As usual, on GitHub and https://foxcpp.dev/maddy-builds.
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