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I'm stuck trying to get catchall mailboxes for multiple domains working. I have several domains, and would like a single IMAP mailbox for some of them, so for example "[anything]@bar.com" goes to the account "bar", and "[anything]@tar.com" goes to the account "tar", but "[anything]@morebars.com" also goes to the account "tar".

I've tried things like using the table.chain table, the regexp table, individual static entries, and I'm just not getting it. Each one gives me a 501 "User does not exist". If I add a static address like "foo@bar.com", they go to the mailboxes fine. I've also managed to get a catchall working for a _single_ domain using the regexp table inside the delivery_map block, but I can't figure out how you can add more than one table (I tried it with the chain table to no avail).

Any help is appreciated!

Afraz Ahmadzadeh
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