maddy 0.4.0 released

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**GitHub is having problems uploading artifacts, grab them 
from https://foxcpp.dev/maddy-builds/0.4.0/** 
This is now the primary source of build artifacts and source

## GPLv3

After short discussion and collecting necessary agreements, decision was
made to change Maddy Mail Server source code license to GNU Public
License Version 3.

See GH#253 for details.

## Deprecated functionality, breaking changes for 0.5

Work is being done to stabilize maddy interfaces including configuration
format and all data structures. Therefore, since 0.4, development
strictly follows Semantic Versioning 2, in particular - all breaking
changes are announced in advance as "deprecated" before actual change
happens. Therefore, this version does not include any breaking changes
but 0.5 will.

* A lot of modules have been renamed to match "namespaced" modules
  proposal. Warning with correct names will be printed on start
  with config using old names.

* STARTTLS Everywhere list support is deprecated and is replaced with
  no-op stub.

* TLS certificate loading has been moved to use modules framework.
  "tls CERT KEY" will need to be changed to "tls file CERT KEY".

## New features

* Expose performance and usage statistics in OpenMetrics
  (Prometheus) format. See openmetrics.md.

* Allow external commands to be used for overwriting IMAP folder and
  flags on delivery. See GH#202 and maddy-imap(5) for details.

* Directly integrate with rspamd using its HTTP protocol
  instead of shell script + rspamc.

* Reuse SMTP connections to MXs to avoid unnecessary handshake overhead
  when sending a lot of messages to a single domain.

* Implement server-side SNI support - multiple certificate-key pairs can
  be specified with "file" loader.

## Enhancements

* Implement SMTP REQUIRETLS extension

* imapsql: Implement SORT and THREAD=ORDEREDSUBJECT extensions

* endpoint/imap: Implement NAMESPACE extension

* imapsql: Fix flags-only search returning duplicate IDs (GH#251)

* msgpipeline: Permit duplicate destination/source rules

* table: Allow using regexp table without replacement specified

* build.sh: Add ability to set build tags

* build.sh: Add sudo checks (thanks @hugmouse!)

* check/spf: Make sure error value from library is always reported in logs

* config/tls: Remove unnecesary GODEBUG setting code

## Bug fixes

* imapsql: Improve meta-data loading perfomance for Thunderbird by properly
  caching X-Priority field

* Fix SPF policy parser bug resulting in false permerror on some ip6 rules (#254)

* storage/imapsql: Fix incorrect module name in log messages related to delivery errors

## Documentation

* Add page on Mailman 3 integration

* Add page on rspamd integration

* Split maddy(1) and maddy(5)

* Improve setting-up.md (thanks @schrodinger)

* Remove fail2ban from initial configuration

* Clarify configuration for multiple domains
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