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Also here it goes, with a month delay, a mailing list announcement of 0.4.3 
release. Happy holidays, everyone!

## GitHub vs binary artifacts

I am still not able to upload binary tarballs to GitHub for some reason.
A good moment to remind they are available at
This location should be considered a canonical source for binary and source
artifacts for each release.

## Changes

### SMTP server

- Auto-buffer code no longer truncates large messages;
- DANE implementation has been rewritten from scratch to fix many issues;
  Thanks @vdukhovni!
- Domains in envelope addresses and EHLO are now always treated as FQDN to
  avoid quirks when system has search domains configured;
- target.lmtp no longer attempts to use STARTTLS by default;
- allow_body_subset directive has been removed from check.dkim code since it is
  no longer supported upstream;
- A bug has been fixed in the DKIM canonicalization code that caused some
  messages to be signed or verified incorrectly (go-msgauth issue);
- Fix target.lmtp actually acting as target.smtp when defined in a top-level
  config; Thanks @reivilibre!

### IMAP server

- HZ-GB-2312 encoding collation support is reenabled. Upstream security issue
  has been fixed;

### build.sh

build.sh script has been replaced with a much more simple implementation
that works with any POSIX shell and is more portable in general.

Thanks @Binklebonk, @hugmouse and @herbygillot for helping testing it on
non-Linux platforms.

### Misc

- All uses of deprecated 0.3 module names have been replaced with up-to-date

### Documentation

- Dovecot integration tutorial has been updated to avoid circular dependency in
  startup; Thanks @reivilibre!
- All uses of deprecated 0.3 module names have been replaced with up-to-date
  names; Thanks @reivilibre for spotting some of them!
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