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Re: Suggestions for transcriptions: realtime, stay in transcription mode, punctuation, correct mistakes a day ago

From John Gebbie to ~geb/numen

Thanks midgard, appreciate the write-up! I've messed about with fancier
transcription a bit with sprec (https://git.sr.ht/~geb/sprec) but I'm
still deciding how to go about things for numen.

I hope so too :) and it's great you found numen useful.
Careful climbing!

Re: Incorrect key-to-symbol mapping for Neo keyboard layout? 4 days ago

From John Gebbie to ~geb/numen

Great! I'll probably make it the next release of dotool in a few days. And
me too :)

Re: Incorrect key-to-symbol mapping for Neo keyboard layout? 7 days ago

From John Gebbie to ~geb/numen


Could you try with dotool built from https://git.sr.ht/~geb/dotool, as
I'm hoping this might have been fixed already with commits since the
latest release.

$ dotool --version

Re: Pausing/unpausing numen 3 months ago

From John Gebbie to ~geb/numen

Hi f!

You're right, Numen currently selects the best match.

Pretty recently I made a git branch called "unk" for people that were
trying to use Numen like a virtual assistant. It should abort unkown
phrases, which you can see using: --phraselog=/dev/stderr

If you'd like to try it: git pull && git switch unk
and reinstall numen: ./build.sh && sudo ./build.sh install

It will probably be next year before I get round to bringing it into
the master branch.

Re: numen config for Emacs 4 months ago

From John Gebbie to ~geb/numen

Thanks for sharing! I've just started a list:


Re: Adding new words to the VOSK model 4 months ago

From John Gebbie to ~geb/numen

Hi Joseph! I'm glad numen's help.

It's really not clear, but unfortunately the "Updating recognizer
vocabulary in runtime" section/demo is just a about limiting the
vocabulary that's already there, like how numen limits the vocabulary
to the phrases for accuracy.

You could technically use numen with a different model, but I don't
know how you can add words to the small models.

This Vosk pull request would maybe make it possible and without model
tweaking: https://github.com/alphacep/vosk-api/pull/1362 but the Vosk
developer doesn't seem to have even acknowledged the pull request yet.

Re: standard phonetic alphabets 5 months ago

From John Gebbie to ~geb/numen

Thanks Antoine! we're "there" :)

The NATO alphabet is very distinguishable but we're also looking for efficiency
as we're saying these phrases many times a day, and speech models are already
very accurate recognizing syllables alone. Though it was a lot of trial and
error to get to the phrases we have now.

That said, some users have shared their alternate phrases,
including Étienne who likes his abbreviated French NATO alphabet:

Thanks for getting in touch!


Re: Pausing/unpausing numen 7 months ago

From John Gebbie to ~geb/numen

Hi Étienne,

The `load` action can be used to switch phrases or pause numen.  These commands
will pause and unpause numen:

	$ echo load | numenc
	$ echo load /etc/numen/phrases/*.phrases | numenc

And you could of course have these run on keyboard shortcuts.

Glad you're liking numen :)

Re: wmenu 7 months ago

From John Gebbie to ~geb/numen

Hi sublime, I thought wmenu worked in all Wayland compositors, but looking
at the README I see it's "wlroots based Wayland compositors", which I think
is the problem.

Good to just check it on it's own:

	echo something | wmenu

You might need to look for another dmenu replacement.

Re: Change command 9 months ago

From John Gebbie to ~geb/numen

Deary me, that's the one that would have worked for me, but I don't use

I'm most hopeful for:


but failing that I'd just try all the ones that mention Nano.  Numen uses
arecord internally and --mic is just like arecord's -D and --list-mics is
just like arecord -L.

arecord -D blah:CARD=blah -f S16_LE -c 1 -r 16000 > me.wav