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Suggestions for transcriptions: realtime, stay in transcription mode, punctuation, correct mistakes

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I tried out numen to chat a few days ago, while my fingers were hurting from climbing too hard.

I'd like to share a few observations about the transcription mode and then my proposals for how it
could be improved!

- You can't (afaics) easily correct mistakes in transcribed text, not while dictating and it's
  clumsy afterwards.
- You can't (afaics) add punctuation while transcribing: you have to wait until you leave
  transcription mode and then add your punctuation.
- You have to keep speaking to keep the transcription mode active, which is stressing.
- When you start speaking, you don't see the transcription until after you stop speaking.

- Wouldn't it be nice to see the words come in as you speak? When the model changes its mind,
  backspace can be pressed. I know I make it sound simpler then it is, but I think this would be a
  big improvement.
- Live closed captions for TV are often created with voice recognition. There the system changes
  "comma" into a comma symbol for instance. I don't know how they deal with it when someone is
  speaking *about* a comma, but I imagine an escape word or sound could work nicely for that.
  The other way around is also possible: requiring an escape word or sound to recognize a single
  non-transcription command.
- Have the option to keep scribe active until you terminate it. (It could be a command like what I
  suggest in the previous bullet point.)

Finally: nice work, I hope this project can keep bringing you fulfillment, and I hope to find some
time to contribute one day!
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Thanks midgard, appreciate the write-up! I've messed about with fancier
transcription a bit with sprec (https://git.sr.ht/~geb/sprec) but I'm
still deciding how to go about things for numen.

I hope so too :) and it's great you found numen useful.
Careful climbing!
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Nice! I made a quick and dirty proof of concept of my ideas with Python and sprec. It's already
working quite well actually!

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