Mouse cursor keeps jumping back to previous location

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Running Flare (Alpine *testing* repository, package `flare-game`) the
mouse cursor wants to stick a certain location. By touching a different
location on the screen, it will briefly jump there, but then jump back to
where it was before. It does, however, not click at the location where
the touch occurs. (Maybe it's stuck in a permanent "button down"?)

Interestingly, as long as the terminal instance (`foot`) from where Flare
was started is kept on the same workspace, the mouse will work. As soon
as one (either the terminal emulator or Flare itself) is moved to another
workspace, the jumping behaviour described above will occur.

On the other hand, when Flare is started directly via bemenu, the
problem exists right from the start.

Everything described is experienced in Sxmo (SwayWM). The problem
doesn't occur in other applications so far. However, I wonder if those
differentiate between touch and mouse input and thus process differently
to begin with.
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