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Nothing sophisticated here, but if you use '/' followed by your search term you can then say 'okay' and [nerd or shift nerd if needed] and say 'void' or 'shift void' to use vim like keybindings to select more text. Once you have it selected say 'yank' and then ',t' or whatever you want to bind the following to:

config.bind(',t', 'open -t -- {clipboard}')

Pretty useful if you look up related definitions and queries a lot. Manually doing this would require saying 'shift odd control void okay' after 'yank'. 

I tried to make it even simpler but I'm not sure if there's a way with the modified keybindings because after you say 'yank' you're back in normal mode instead of caret mode. 

Anyways, still helpful and might help you too.
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