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With suspend, hibernate, and lock it asks for my password in the menu and then takes me to the normal display manager for ubuntu where I choose the user. When I try to log back in it takes me back to the part of the display manager where you choose the user. If I keep trying to log in it will continue this loop so I have to shut down the computer. I have physlock 13. I'm not sure if I have zzz and ZZZ installed. How do I check the version?  I tried changing the menu script like you said but still having the same problem. Guessing it's just because I don't have zzz and ZZZ installed like you suggested.

I may have a look at the xss-lock command, it does look promising.  I prefer to shut the lid for hibernation to keep dust out of the keyboard and the cat off, plus it just makes it easier.

Thanks for the tip! Now on the beta branch. :)

I created my own configuration file just like you said but there's a typo in /etc/tiles/qutebrowser/config.py on line 135 and I think it's not letting me try out the command you suggested - tt.  I fixed the typo and a few other lines it was complaining about with <, >, and - in them. But even after restarting my system and trying to reload the file with :config-source and also :config-source ~/etc/tiles/qutebrowser/config.py I couldn't get it working.

yc and ye are very helpful and a big part of the reason I'm trying to make the transition to qutebrowser. Moving tabs like that will also be very helpful, thank you.

bspc config border_width 4 is exactly what I'm looking for and it works if I do it in a terminal. However, if I add 'export TILES_WINDOW_MANAGER=~/path\ to\ my\ config/winBorders' to ~/.bashrc and have winBorders contain:
source ~/etc/tiles/bspwm/bspwmrc
bspc config border_width 4
it doesn't make the borders wider on system startup. I also made the file executable. Is this what you meant to try?

The Blue Yeti appears to be a popular microphone. I may have to give it a shot soon. Did you have to write udev rules to get it working? I see there's a section further down in the link that you gave me for this: https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/Advanced_Linux_Sound_Architecture#Hot-plugging_a_USB_sound_card

I recently ordered a microphone and external sound adapter that only works for input, ie not for playback, and created the file /etc/asound.conf with the following:
defaults.pcm.card 0
defaults.ctl.card 1
I have the playback set to the internal sound card with 0. But I'm not seeing the improvement I would have expected to see with this new set up. Possibly because I haven't written udev rules like in the link I just mentioned. I also added the following line to ~/.bashrc where PCH is my internal sound card which does handle playback:
I have played around with the controls in alsamixer and that improved some but still would like to improve. Is there anything you suggest to get it working better?

I'm such a noob... Many thanks for your help, as always. It really means a lot.

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I'll test with display managers at some point.
I didn't realize they would barge in like that.

I'm not sure what you mean by a typo on line 135 of the qutebrowser config.
This is my line 135:
c.hints.selectors['element'] = [

So make sure you've updated and installed.
Go in your tiles repo directory.
Check `git branch` has beta highlighted.
-  git pull
-  sudo ./install-files.sh && sudo ./install-manpage.sh

Do wt and wu work?
You should see I've added the shell to beta.

Your bspwm script looks like the right idea but I see mistakes.
Untested but this should work:

	. /etc/tiles/bspwm/bspwmrc
	bspc config border_width 4

"source" instead of "." is fine for #!/bin/bash but not good for #!/bin/sh,
it's not standard.  You had ~/etc/tiles/bspwm/bspwmrc but ~/ is short for
your home directory.

I don't remember doing anything (udev or alsa stuff) for my microphone.
My biggest irk with blue yeti is that it's pretty big on a desk in front of
your monitor.

All good. You're certainly in the poweruser fast lane.
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