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Hey John, hope things are going well for you. Getting better everyday over here thanks to your help. Still have a ton to learn about these new tools but I think I'll be fairly comfortable with them in the next month or so. So far, they're extremely helpful, especially for voice recognition. Once I get a little more comfortable with them I'll be able to start learning/relearning some of the most important computer science concepts and languages. Figure it will be a while still until I'm 'job ready' but I'm on the right path. 

I have a few questions and some stuff that may be worth bringing up regarding tiles accessed from the display manager (login screen) so I'll start.

Suspend/hibernate in the menu doesn't let you log back in.

Hibernate by shutting the lid doesn't lock the account and I would like the screen to stay on instead of going to a black screen every approximately ten minutes if there isn't any activity. I'm sure there's a way to do this on line but I haven't looked yet. If you know how to fix it that would be great but otherwise I'll look into it.

Highlighted window's border isn't big enough to easily identify current window quickly (this is especially true for windows and work spaces with a lighter background or similar color to yellow). Not super important but may be worth editing on my end or your end.

For configuring qutebrowser further, what do you recommend doing? I see you have a config.py in the tiles repo but I'm not sure I want to edit this if you will in the future because then I would lose my changes. I don't think there's a way to use 2 config.py files. At least, I couldn't get it working. 

Below are some things I'm trying to configure with tiles-browser and could be interpreted as possible suggestions for your configuration:

- There isn't a quicker way to look up a selection in a new tab (currently have to suck+P then sometimes adjust selection in visual mode then press yy+O+ctrl+v+enter) perhaps such as the commands under (2) pasting in key binding cheat sheet which can be accessed with :help. This would be useful for looking up definitions and similar queries.

- I'm thinking of using 'ma' and 'md' for quick mark add and quick mark delete respectively. 
- There isn't a quicker way to move tabs by index such as a key binding but there is a key binding to move it to the first index, tm. Currently you have to do :tab-move <index, +, -, start, or end>. 

- There isn't a shorter way to give a tab to a new window or an existing window in tiles-browser. Currently you have to use the command :tab-give <window id from completion suggestions after pressing space after :tab-give>. In qutebrowser there appears to be a shortcut for this, gD or <maybe window id here>g<or maybe window id here>D detaches tab (under miscellaneous commands in cheat sheet picture). However, according to The Compiler, you could also add {id} to window.title_format to add it to the window title. Adding {id} didn't help for me though.

Oh one other thing, do you have any microphone/adapter/etc. combination suggestions? Mostly curious if there are any free and open source hardware and software solutions.

I think that just about does it for now. I hope some of this was helpful. Cheers!

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Hi sublime, it's nice to hear from you and cool you're sussing everything out.

That's no good about suspend and hibernate.  What happens? On mine I get a
simple virtual console like screen to type a password and then I'm back in.
Does Lock work?  Do you have physlock installed? and I think zzz and ZZZ
are on everything linux but maybe check you've got them too.  The menu
script is at /usr/libexec/tiles/menu if you want to look at the commands.
I'd maybe try them with just `sudo` instead of `sudo -A`.

Locking when closing a laptop isn't something I'd thought about.  I had a
very quick look and the xss-lock command looks promising.

You're right edits to the installed files are overwritten and maintaining your
own changes to the source would be a bit of a faff. I'll answer further down.

I've made a beta branch on the tiles repo to give you some stuff early.  In the
directory run `git pull` to update and then `git switch beta` to switch to the
beta branch.  (You switch back whenever by running `git switch master` and
check what your own with `git status`.)  Then run `sudo ./install-files.sh`
and the new `sudo ./install-manpage.sh` (I'll probably combine the scripts
at some point).

Note the new section on configuring tiles-bowser at the bottom of the manpage.
Create your config file:
	mkdir -p ~/.config/tiles-browser/additional
	touch ~/.config/tiles-browser/additional/myconfig.py

You could try putting this in it:
	config.bind('tt', "message-info 'test test test'")

I use the phrase "pastry" to paste in the terminal and browser. It simulates
a paste media key that I configured the programs to handle.

I find qutebrowser's visual mode a bit finicky and am much happier when it's
a code block. I can copy with my *yc* or *ye*.

You can move tabs anywhere by preceding them with a count like *2tm*.
I'd like to have descriptions and notes like this in *:bind* but I don't
think that's possible as it is.

I added *wt* to make a window out of a tab (or send it to another window
by preceding it by a count but like you say you can't tell which for now).
I also added *wu* to undo closing a window.

Not looked into it but our windows don't have the kind of title bars (and
close and fullscreen buttons).	I like this for the most part but will need
to think of something.

Making the focused window more obvious...  I added support for
a TILES_COMPOSITOR environment variable I mention in the manpage near
the bottom.  You could have a script containing something like:

	#!/bin/sh picom --inactive-opacity 0.95

(Make sure the script is executable, `chmod +x mypicom.sh`.)  And export
the environment variable at ~/.config/tiles-shell/envs like:

	export TILES_COMPOSITOR=/path/to/mypicom.sh

The compositor isn't actually what does the border though, that's the window
manager bspwm.	You can see the config /etc/tiles/bspwm/bspwmrc. bspwm is
configured by the command bspc (needs to run each time) so you could have `bspc
config border_width 4` run somewhere, or do something similar as with picom
above and specify your own config and have it source /etc/tiles/bspwm/bspwmrc
at the start but that's complicated.

My microphone is a Blue Yeti I got cheap. I have nothing to compare it to
but it works well.

Hope this is a help.
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