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Project plans - Both Gio and Terminal?

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I've been interested in Photon since shortly after its inception, due to
my longstanding interest in Gio. I noticed that you recently split the
project into a core library, and two clients; The one using Gio, and the
other using Sixel in the terminal.

I noticed that the terminal client seems to be getting some more
improvements that the GUI client hasn't received yet.

Is the plan to continue developing both, or was the intention to
supercede the Gio client with the terminal client? I have noticed some
performance issues with the Gio client sometimes - namely high CPU
usage. That's just an anecdote I thought I'd mention.

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so IMA terminal guy. Everything that can be done in the terminal, rather
then gui, is better. So when I wanted to build a rss reader with
images and no sixel in my favorite terminal (alacritty), I decided, that
I'll do it in the best gui lib I know for go - gio.

Then I found [foot](https://codeberg.org/dnkl/foot) and [this branch of alacritty](https://github.com/jbenden/alacritty/commit/96ee1939e5abf7044342ff02dc11a88557ba2d7b)
So I've split the photon project to a core lib and the gui so I can make
the terminal+sixel frontend to it.
I wanted to make more changes to the core and doing so would need me to
addapt the photon-gio also and by then I used just the terminal version
(then called photont) so I've just integrated the core lib to photont
and continued developing so. Later I wanted the terminal version to be
the 'main' version of photon, so I renamed photon to photon-gio and
photont to photon.

So the photon-gio isn't abandoned, It's just in "maintenance" mode. I'll
fix issues, if reported, but nothing more. I thought, that this change
wouldn't influence nobody. Sourcehut doesn't have stars like github, no
downloads statistics and there was no discussion in the photon mailing
list (this is the first).

And to the CPU usage: gio is a immediate mode gui. So every frame must
be rendered from the data you want to be on the screen. I don't know if
it is a problem with me or something, but the latest version is greatly
optimized. So on my computer it eats up my CPU to 8% (compared to the
previous 30%).

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Hmmm! I had not updated photon for a while. My usage was waning. But, I need will need an agent for printer rss management soon and photon immediately came to mind. It makes rss easy but was using triggering much fan noise. Have not been noticing any problem with RAM use though. CPU pressure was manageable. Will upgrade to the new 2! 

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