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Re: [New Year's Resolutions for 2024] What an inspirational post! 5 months ago

From Victor Freire to ~glorifiedgluer/inbox

> Glad to see you had a great year, and I would like to also say that I'm
> impressed by all you've learned and the goals you have reached. Very
> inspirational!

Thanks a lot, you were part of it too!
> I might consider writing something similar myself...

Writing it down is a nice exercise and looking back to it is quite rewarding. You should definitely do it!

Victor Freire

Re: Updated attribute on atom feed 6 months ago

From Victor Freire to ~kmaasrud/inbox

> From [RFC 4287], it seems like the `updated` field is indeed meant to
> indicate whenever a feed entry is changed, which is what the script is
> picking up on with the `date -u -r <file>` command.

Oh, sorry to not be more clear. If you go to your atom feed and search for "2023-11-14T07:48:29+00:00", you will see that all your entries were updated, even though not all of them have actually changed. This means that every time you write a new post, all older ones will receive the same `updated` value.

Victor Freire

Updated attribute on atom feed 6 months ago

From Victor Freire to ~kmaasrud/inbox

Hey, Magnus

I have noticed that you update all entries `updated` attribute when you generate your atom feed[0]. This makes all your posts receive an "updated" status on some feed readers.

[0]: https://git.sr.ht/~kmaasrud/kmaasrud.com/tree/e87a3724f82b124bcae71bd12377db817a771090/item/bin/generate-atom#L49

Victor Freire

Mataroa CLI 7 months ago

From Victor Freire to ~sirodoht/mataroa-community


I have taken the time to finish the first version of the mataroa CLI tool. You can take a look at it here: https://github.com/mataroa-blog/mataroa-cli

In order to build, you should only need the latest Go compiler and run "go build -o mata .". Running the command "./mata init" should give you the default configuration file that just needs the token.

You can ask any questions or feature requests here!

Thank you

Victor Freire

smells like a brand new car in here 1 year, 21 days ago

From Victor Freire to ~kmaasrud/inbox

Is this where the cool kids hang out nowadays?

Victor Freire

Re: RSS feed link typo 1 year, 25 days ago

From victor to ~glorifiedgluer/inbox

Hello, Fred

> Your RSS feed link is: https://gluer.orgblog/atom.xml
> but the correct RSS feed link is actually: https://gluer.org/blog/atom.xml

Perhaps I mistakenly removed a slash on a recent style refactoring.


Victor Freire

Search Functionality 1 year, 28 days ago

From Victor Freire to ~sirodoht/mataroa-community


I would like to say that we are currently working on a search 
functionality on this PR:


Some of the conclusions we reached from a brief private conversation 
between me and ~sirodoht:

For the time being, this will search for a blog post's title and body 
matching the `?s=<term>` query parameter. It's a hidden feature and 
introduces no new UI elements, however, this is open for discussion and 
we consider adding a search bar on the bottom of the page if requested.

Re: New Pimalaya app proposal 1 year, 1 month ago

From Victor Freire to ~soywod/pimalaya

Hello, this is an interesting idea indeed

> [...] Think stuff like your name, email, PGP keys, etc. Nothing you
> wouldn't share on your homepage. Additionally, we could add a
> feature where users could share their current status, which would
> then be displayed on a central feed containing all the newest status
> messages, kinda like <status.cafe>.

This sounds a lot like WebFinger[0]. Look at the "Identity Provider
Discovery for OpenID Connect" section on its RFC[1]

> What features could be included? What types of technologies and
> solutions should be utilized (HTTP might be the simplest, but there
> might be better options)?

Re: Relicensing aerc to GPL 1 year, 3 months ago

From Victor Freire to ~rjarry/aerc-devel

I agree with this change.

I’m happy with either GPL or AGPL.

Victor Freire

Re: Comment: The Fediverse can be pretty toxic 1 year, 11 months ago

From Victor Freire to ~sircmpwn/public-inbox

> and the first is just full of lolicon/hentai Japanese artist, and the
> latter is a bit better, but still.

Oh boy... Was it a mistake to click on those links... The first one had
an invite to a bestiality session on the frontpage. Yeah, I think I'll
skip fediverse for the time being!