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Hello developers,

Although this is not a matter related to code I think it is important 
for Advtrains' marketing. In December 2022 I made a re-imaging of the 
old image of a steam train going through a village as used on e.g. 
Advtrains' ContentDB page. More explanation and the image itself at: 
Forum link - https://forum.minetest.net/viewtopic.php?p=418745#p418745 
(CC BY-SA 4.0)

I think that it would be good to replace the older image wherever it is 
used with my newer image. It does not depart from the familiar image far 
but it is much nicer, with ballast, a visible signal, and dynamic shadows.

I am also interested in putting together a replacement for the old 
"Kopfbahnhof" image used currently on e.g. the homepage of the website 
and the forum thread. I know it featured in the old Advtrains demo 
video, and I believe I managed to download the map from somewhere at 
some point, but can't find it right now. If you have a direct link that 
would be nice, as figuring out the station building from the video and 
image is not that easy - although perhaps it would be better to built a 
new one?

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