Re: [PATCH] Fix texture modifiers relying on undocumented behavior

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> The Lua API states:
> /Modifiers that accept texture names (e.g. //|[combine|//) accept
> escaping to allow passing complex texture names as arguments. Escaping
> is done with backslash and is required for //|^|//, //|:|//and //|\|//./

Ah, I overlooked the part that escaping is required for carets and 
simply thought you were referring to the parentheses. Thanks for 
pointing it out.

> (that said, I am considering relaxing my parser since
> using parentheses instead of properly escaping carets seems to have come
> up a few times and is not that far off-spec / unreasonable).

Please at least make your parser warn about incorrect texture string 
escaping. IMO the result of misinterpreting/overlooking the spec should 
not go unnoticed (unless it works around a bug, of course, which is 

In any case, your effort on this patch is appreciated, and I will as 
well take some time improving the HUD code.
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