[PATCH] Make killing velocity configurable

Blockhead 2 years ago 3 3

[PATCH] Make the speed at which trains kill users of the Minetest World configurable using the advtrains_kill_speed setting

56independent 2 years ago 1

[PATCH] Change texture of ATC rail

56independent 2 years ago 2

[PATCH] Proposal for an other train acceleration calculation : NOT to be included in "doc" branch without discussion

Tanavit 2 years ago 4 3

[PATCH] French translation file for inclusion in l10n

Tanavit 2 years ago 6 3

[PATCH] Load/Unload Track FC Integration

Maverick2797 2 years ago

[PATCH] Automatically group wagons and locomotives based on "is_locomotive" definition

Maverick2797 2 years ago 1

[PATCH] Luaautomation: add section_occupancy()

Maverick2797 2 years ago

[PATCH] MT 5.x player position fixes

Maverick2797 3 years ago 1

[PATCH] Make mesecons_switch a proper optional dependency (H#175)

Jason Bigelow 3 years ago

[PATCH 1/6] Rework stoprail formspec layout and add mono style

hlqkj 3 years ago 5

[PATCH] Not everyone uses basic_materials... Added alternative recipes, falling back on the default: items as they seem to be in the rest of the mod. May need rebalancing though. Will need to update depends.txt/mod.conf for each sub-mod once confirmed

Maverick2797 3 years ago

[PATCH] Updated atlac readme to consistently use Markdown formatting

Maverick2797 3 years ago 1

[PATCH] JIT-compile ATC commands

ywang 3 years ago 5 2

[PATCH] fix mis-patched 90+60r crossing conns

Maverick2797 3 years ago
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