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Re: Question regarding your Hugo theme 19 days ago

From Gustavo Heinz to ~gsthnz/public-inbox

On 8/31/21 9:26 AM, Frank Homburg wrote:
> Hello Gustavo Heinz,
> I'm looking for a clean Hugo theme like the one you are using at https://gsthnz.com.
> Would you please so kind and tell me which one you are using?
> Best regards,
> Frank

Hi there,

Certificate change for cyberpunksin.space 3 months ago

From Gustavo Heinz to ~gsthnz/cyberpunksin.space

Hello there,

Due to a backup error, I had to regenerate the SSL certificate for

The new SSL fingerprint is:

SHA1 Fingerprint=B0:4D:FE:61:DB:E0:93:CE:8B:C4:A2:1D:21:E9:A5:47:9B:40:9F:8D

Most gemini clients will show a warning informing that the SSL
certificate changed.

Gustavo Heinz

Re: subfolder support 5 months ago

From Gustavo Heinz to ~gsthnz/public-inbox


On Sun Apr 11, 2021 at 2:45 AM -03, ybaumy wrote:
> Yes I meant gssg. Sorry. I am new at sr.ht and I guess this list is for
> more projects.
It's ok :)

> I am preparing to migrate my current homepage
> https://lost-frequencies.eu to gemini. There is already a
> https:/gemini.lost-frequencies.eu site and with it a
> gemini://gemini.lost-frequencies.eu site. My current homepage is pretty
> much my article reading history and has a folder structure for
> year/month/day. I can script this myself and add index.gmi files for
> each folder and dynamically build a new top index.gmi each time a new

Re: subfolder support 5 months ago

From Gustavo Heinz to ~gsthnz/public-inbox

Hi there,

On Sat Apr 10, 2021 at 5:10 PM -03, ybaumy wrote:
> Would it possible to add support for subfolders on the index page and
> generate an index for each folder automatically?
> BR
> ybaumy

I assume you're talking about gssg.

gssg does not create files, the implementation becomes much simpler
without it.

Re: Posts list with index.gmi output 5 months ago

From Gustavo Heinz to ~gsthnz/public-inbox

Hi Michael,

Sorry for the delay,

On Sun Mar 28, 2021 at 3:29 AM -03, Michael Bryant wrote:
> I like having "prettified" URLs, e.g. `example.com/foo/` instead of
> `example.com/foo.gmi`.
> To try to achieve that, all of my content is in `page-slug/index.gmi`,
> but this does not
> seem to play well with the templates -- no posts list is generated.

> It's possible that the problem is just that I have a `/posts/index.gmi`
> that is taking
> precedence, but, reading the README, I think that may not be it, since

Re: [PATCH] Add access and error logging for requests made to the server. 6 months ago

From Gustavo Heinz to ~gsthnz/public-inbox

Hi there, thanks for another patch!

I have one suggestion.

Could you make logging configurable and inactive by default? It should
be just the case of adding a "Logging" entry to the Config struct and
accepting "off" and "nginx" (Not sure if we use "nginx" or "clf" from
Common Logging Format, your choice :p). This would allow us to add more
logging templates in the future.

I was reading through the gemini mailing list and it doesn't seem to be
a consensus if logging is needed/required. So we should keep this as a
decision for the server admin. Since keeping logs could be a liability
for some.

Re: Docker installation instruction issues 6 months ago

From Gustavo Heinz to ~gsthnz/public-inbox

On Wed Mar 3, 2021 at 11:10 AM -03, Eric Bower wrote:
> Confirmed it is required on linux. Would you be receptive to a patch and
> describes how to get docker to work on mac?

Yes, that would be cool! Did you need to modify the Dockerfile, or just
not doing the chown/chmod made it work on OSX?

If we could run on OSX without having to manually modify the Dockerfile,
that would be super cool.

> Also, how necessary do you see setting the user at all? I use docker
> quite a bit and haven’t really seen this paradigm much before.

On Linux, docker usually runs as root, and by default, the CMD will run

Re: Docker installation instruction issues 6 months ago

From Gustavo Heinz to ~gsthnz/public-inbox

Hi there,

On Wed Mar 3, 2021 at 12:27 AM -03, Eric Bower wrote:
> I'm wondering if it is required on some other OS or if I'm missing
> something obvious. 

It's for linux usage, a "satellite" user was created inside the
container with UID 1000 to isolate the daemon.

On OSX, things work a bit diferently, since there's a virtual machine
running linux that actually runs the docker daemon, the volume sharing
has a few more steps compared to native linux.

As a OSX specific workaround, you could remove the "RUN adduser..." part

Re: [PATCH] Dockerfile runs CMD looking for "/config/config.toml" not "/config/satellite.toml" 6 months ago

From Gustavo Heinz to ~gsthnz/public-inbox


I took the liberty of changing the commit message to better suit the
change itself. I kept your message in the commit body :)

To git.sr.ht:~gsthnz/satellite
   08c1a5a..2e806d2  master -> master

Thanks a lot!

Gustavo Heinz

Re: Release and tag satellite 6 months ago

From Gustavo Heinz to ~gsthnz/public-inbox

Hi there!

I just pushed a v1.0.0 tag :)

Gustavo Heinz