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Re: Five days in a TTY 2 months ago

From Anirudh Oppiliappan to ~icyphox/x

I'm not a big fan of lisp and lispy languages -- so that rus out Guix.x.
I've tried LFS before, but mostly just for fun. Maintaining one would be
a chore, I'd imagine. I have yet to try Gentoo but from what I can tell,
it's KISS with a lot more choices for your base (init, libc, userland

Thanks anyway. :)

Anirudh Oppiliappan

Re: Introduction and Openring 4 months ago

From Anirudh Oppiliappan to ~sircmpwn/free-writers-club

> Cool blog! Do you had an atom/rss link I could follow with?

A bit of trial and error later: https://humaidq.ae/blog/index.xml

Please add visible links to your feeds people! :)

Anirudh Oppiliappan

Re: Let's introduce ourselves 4 months ago

From Anirudh Oppiliappan to ~sircmpwn/free-writers-club

On Sun, 17 Nov 2019 17:28:44 -0800
anjan@momi.ca wrote:
> I hope to write about other things like game reviews and write more
> frequently. This mailing list has definitely encouraged me to write
> more. I want to be able to look back and see what I was interested
> in 2 years ago. =)

For this precise reason, I've begun writing "Status update" posts. It's
a great way to track your progress through whatever you're doing, or
simply maintain a public journal of sorts. I generally split it into
three sections (loosely): current work, future work and misc. This also
gives me something to write when I'm short of ideas.

That said, very cool blogs so far gentlemen! I've added a lot of them

Re: Let's introduce ourselves 4 months ago

From Anirudh Oppiliappan to ~sircmpwn/free-writers-club

(Didn't send it on the list)

You'd probably have to do what Drew does -- build stuff and write about
it too. I don't think there'd be enough content to blog about
"fulltime", otherwise.

It'd also require some amount of prior exposure, either through your
existing work or previous work. Tech blogs are ubiquitous, it's kinda
like gaming on YouTube -- literally everyone has one but very few make
it big (big enough to make a living).

Just my 2c.

Re: How do you organize your notes and outlines? 6 months ago

From Anirudh Oppiliappan to ~sircmpwn/free-writers-club

Since most of my thinking/research for my blog posts happens when I'm on
the go, I have a Google Keep note on my phone which I update with links,
ideas etc. I'm considering switching to a more free alternative, but old
habits die hard.

As for drafts, I don't have any. I write my posts in one sitting and
usually publish it right after. With a few thorough reads, of course.

Anirudh Oppiliappan