Re: OpenBSD on the HP Envy 13

Subhaditya Nath
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# Why did you choose the BSD that you did?
Why not FreeBSD or NetBSD?

# What linux distro(s) had you used?
Tried Void Linux? What discouraged you from continuing to use k1ss linux ?
Artix? Gentoo? Alpine?

# Compositor?
What compositor on BSD? picom works? or something else?

# init system?
Certainly not systemd? :P
Then what?
Also, do you know about -
  - skarnet.org/software/s6
  - skarnet.org/software/s6-rc
  - smarden.org/runit


# Other questions -
- Did you know about gitea? Or the other alternatives to cgit?
  If yes, then why did you choose cgit over the others?
- Are you and nerdypepper (peppe.rs) brothers? Or close friends?
  (yes, I had asked this same question somewhere else today itself :P)

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