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Subhaditya Nath <sn03.general@gmail.com> wrote:

> # Why did you choose the BSD that you did?
> Why not FreeBSD or NetBSD?

Couple of reasons. For one, I think I'd prefer if the devs of my OS
actually used it themselves, and didn't develop on macOS. I also don't
like FreeBSD's Code of Conduct. OpenBSD on the other hand -- the devs
actually dogfood that stuff. I also like their focus on security and

> # What linux distro(s) had you used?
> Tried Void Linux? What discouraged you from continuing to use k1ss linux ?
> Artix? Gentoo? Alpine?

I've used every major distro under the sun. Didn't bother with Gentoo,
however. I ditched Kiss because I broke it, and the lack of packages
was starting to get pretty annoying. I can wholeheartedly recommend
Alpine -- it's about as close to a BSD as Linux gets. apk is a fantastic
package manager too.

> # Compositor?
> What compositor on BSD? picom works? or something else?

Yes, picom works. You should be able to compile most Linux programs with
ease, with only minor changes to the Makefile.

> # init system?
> Certainly not systemd? :P
> Then what?

I quite like busybox runit and OpenRC.

> Also, do you know about -
>   - skarnet.org/software/s6
>   - skarnet.org/software/s6-rc
>   - smarden.org/runit


> # Other questions -
> - Did you know about gitea? Or the other alternatives to cgit?
>   If yes, then why did you choose cgit over the others?

Yes. I don't want a full-fledged GitHub-like alternative running, with
user accounts and the abhorrent pull-request model. cgit serves as a
decent frontend for my repos, and that's what I need.

> - Are you and nerdypepper (peppe.rs) brothers? Or close friends?
>   (yes, I had asked this same question somewhere else today itself :P)

Yes, he's my brother. :)
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