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Re: [BUG] megapixels image corruption and crash 5 months ago

From Night to ~martijnbraam/public-inbox

I love the app and it's performance. On Manjaro (Phosh) I have been 
getting the same crashing every time a photo is taken and identical 
console output log. The images are also not saved and the process hangs 
on capture.

On the subject of the blueishness, I would just like to add that it 
seems to happen consistently every first time the application is 
launched after the phone is booted. You do not need to capture a photo 
here for the colours to return back to normal though. Every subsequent 
time after the first that the app was opened, at least on my end, it had 
normal colours. Crashing on photo capture persisted however, regardless 
of whether the colours were normal or not.