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Re: Format for fingerprint and remotes 2 months ago

From Ivan Vilata i Balaguer to ~ivilata/gwit-spec

Salut Matograine !

Thank you very much for your interest in gwit.  You're the first one to post
to the gwit-spec list, cool!  I'm curious to know how you became acknowledged
with gwit, if you don't mind saying. 🙂

I had a look at your site, it's a very nice initiative!  You may be interested
in [The Oldest gwit Site][TOgS] (ID 408198c2c363076c6b1eabe797ea3168a78cd65a)
(also <https://oldest.gwit.site/>) as a site example.  Now your site is
probably The Second Oldest gwit Site! 😁

[TOgS]: https://git.sr.ht/~ivilata/oldest-gwit-site

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Re: Launching shell commands from python 10 months ago

From Ivan Vilata i Balaguer to ~lioploum/offpunk-devel

Ploum (2023-06-07 20:39:02 +0000) wrote:

> I’ve found this very interesting article about how to use command-line 
> tool from within a python script.
> https://martinheinz.dev/blog/98
> The recommended approach is to use the "sh" python module, something I 
> didn’t know. […]

Umm, the article has interesting references and `sh` looks handy, but I
wouldn't say that it's the "right" way of running shell commands, as the
article author puts it.  It does provide some syntactic sugar and execution
logging (I don't know how context managers like `sudo` affect the other

Re: Cache format specification 10 months ago

From Ivan Vilata i Balaguer to ~lioploum/offpunk-devel

Sotiris Papatheodorou (2023-01-20 16:27:34 +0200) wrote:

> I'm looking into implementing an offpunk-compatible page cache for my Gemini
> client for old Kindles and paid some more attention to the offpunk cache
> format. From my understanding the current cache paths look like this:
> <scheme>/<hostname>/<path split on slashes>/<query split on slashes>
> i.e. gemini://kennedy.gemi.dev:1966/search?foo/bar becomes
> gemini/kennedy.gemi.dev/search/foo/bar
> […] A first proposal, assuming a UNIX-like filesystem where all characters apart
> from slash (/) and null (0x00) are allowed in filenames (this is a big
> assumption, ignores shell meta-characters, won't work on Windows etc.):