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Linear types, Austral 1 year, 4 months ago

From Jacopo Scazzosi to ~andrewrk/ziglang

Hi all,

I’ve recently stumbled into Austral[1], a recent addition to the landscape of systems programming languages. Austral’s design goals [2] significantly overlap with Zig’s and while perusing through the spec and the "introduction to linear types” article [3] I was hit by the same “wow” feeling I experienced upon learning about Zig itself.

Is Zig considering / has Zig ever considered implementing linear types? 


[1]: https://austral-lang.org/ 
[2]: https://austral-lang.org/spec/spec.html#goals
[3]: https://austral-lang.org/linear-types

Re: AdventOfCode 1 year, 6 months ago

From Jacopo Scazzosi to ~andrewrk/ziglang

> Will there be anyone doing the challenges in Zig this year?  I find learning the language in isolation is difficult, and it would be nice to see what some more idiomatic Zig code looks like :)

Time and work schedule permitting (hectic days around here), I’d love to do it. I’m a complete beginner, though, and I fully subscribe to this. Having a chance to follow a seasoned dev as they go through the challenge would be awesome. 


Re: more regular zig updates? 3 years ago

From Jacopo Scazzosi to ~andrewrk/ziglang

Hi all, 

I’m also a spectator and a (new) sponsor and I’d really enjoy something like the proposed monthly/weekly mailing list.

I really admire what the Zig crew is doing, keep at it. Looking forward to spending some time getting into Zig myself.

Best regards,

Re: Supporting user groups/organizations on SourceHut 4 years ago

From Jacopo Scazzosi to ~sircmpwn/sr.ht-discuss

Hello Drew!

Thank you for giving us a chance to provide some feedback!

> User groups will use the ^ prefix, similar to today's ~ prefix

I like the fact that I would be able to instantaneously tell whether
a repository belongs to an organization or to a user.

> Group membership is divided into subgroups. […] by default
> there would be an additional subset called ^sourcehut/admins
> which defines who can modify group membership. […] other
> user groups can be added by admins as necessary. These
> groups can be fed into access control lists […]

Re: Contributions without a sr.ht account 5 years ago

From Jacopo Scazzosi to ~sircmpwn/sr.ht-discuss


This conversation is very interesting. I think there is quite a difference between anonymous web forms and email contributions. 

Accepting contributions via email would be not unlike using external identity providers for user authentication, such as allowed by OAuth and OpenID Connect, delegating the authentication process to trusted third-party systems. Therefore, supporting email contributions would still allow contributions to be associated to their submitters’ externally-managed identities, identified by their email addresses. The combination of DKIM + PGP would even offer a reasonable 2FA-compatible security framework.

With anonymous web forms, however, there would be no identities to tie contributions to. It would be impossibile to filter contributions based on anything else other than the contributions themselves, which I believe would represent a huge obstacle to the formation of chains of trust and successful delegation models.

Best regards,


Jacopo Scazzosi