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Re: map recent flag to notmuch tag a month ago

From Jason Cox to ~rjarry/aerc-discuss

On Fri Mar 1, 2024 at 9:28 AM EST, Stefan Sterz wrote:
> On Fri Mar 1, 2024 at 3:22 PM CET, inwit wrote:
> > On 01/03/2024, 13:30, Stefan Sterz wrote:
> > > ```
> > > seen-tag = unread
> > > answered-tag = replied
> > > draft-tag = draft
> > > flagged-tag = flagged
> > > recent-tag =
> > > ```
> >
> > Should we add `passed-tag = forwarded`?
> i guess we could, but im not sure what flag this should map onto in

Re: [PATCH aerc v2 3/3] notmuch: add strategies for multi-file messages a month ago

From Jason Cox to ~rjarry/aerc-devel

On Sun Feb 25, 2024 at 1:41 PM EST, inwit wrote:
> All in all, I wonder if this patch is just too big and it'd be easier to
> test if it was split? I'm absolutely not a coder, so this is just a shot
> in the dark.

I don't think it's too big, but I do think that some of the pre-existing
issues probably need to be ironed out first. Testing these patches is
tricky when the result messages and UI updates can't be trusted.

I'm not sure when/if I'll get around to those pre-existing issues. I'm
currently using a comfy tag-based workflow, so I rarely end up using
this multi-file stuff anyway. If anyone else wants to pick up on it in
the meantime, I'd be happy to help out where needed, though.

Re: Visual mode indicator a month ago

From Jason Cox to ~rjarry/aerc-discuss

On Thu Feb 29, 2024 at 8:55 PM EST, robertgzr wrote:
> when using the keybinds to enter visual selection mode, is it possible to
> configure an indicator for that in the status bar? similar to vim's
> `-- VISUAL --`

Seems like that would be handy -- I get confused all the time. It's not
currently possible. Here's a patch to stick it in the TrayInfo in the
status bar:


[PATCH aerc] templates: add visual mode indicator to TrayInfo a month ago

From Jason Cox to ~rjarry/aerc-devel

It's useful to have some indicator of whether or not aerc is in visual
mark mode. Add such an indicator to the TrayInfo available in the status

Changelog-changed: The TrayInfo template variable includes a visual
 mark mode indicator.
Cc: robertgzr <r@gnzler.io>
Signed-off-by: Jason Cox <me@jasoncarloscox.com>
 app/status.go            | 3 +++
 doc/aerc-templates.7.scd | 4 ++--
 lib/marker/marker.go     | 6 ++++++
 lib/state/templates.go   | 9 +++++++++
 lib/state/texter.go      | 9 +++++++++
[message trimmed]

Re: map recent flag to notmuch tag a month ago

From Jason Cox to ~rjarry/aerc-discuss

Hi Stefan,

On Thu Feb 29, 2024 at 7:10 AM EST, Stefan Sterz wrote:
> notmuch tag -new -- "(not tag:unread) or (not tag:7days..now)"

Random question -- what does this "tag:7days..now" do?

> what i am not sure about is whether to map this to a specific tag,
> whether that tag should be `new` or whether this should maybe be a
> config option for the notmuch backend.
> what do you think about adding something like this?

I think it's reasonable to map the recent flag to something, and as

Re: [PATCH aerc] ui: update vaxis and only use disambiguate csi-u flag a month ago

From Jason Cox to ~rjarry/aerc-devel

On Fri Feb 23, 2024 at 3:37 PM EST, Tim Culverhouse wrote:
> Update vaxis to 0.8.0, which adds the ability to specify any CSI-u flag
> combination. Explicitly only use the disambiguate flag. This enables
> aerc to have additional keybinds not previously possible (C-i, C-m)
> while preventing some internal logic bugs relating to single-modifier
> key presses. While these events can be useful, they are not needed in
> aerc and aerc currently would need several workarounds to properly
> handle them so let's just not request them in the first place.

This patch fixes the plus bind issue I reported in IRC. Thanks!

Tested-by: Jason Cox <me@jasoncarloscox.com>

Re: [PATCH aerc v2 3/3] notmuch: add strategies for multi-file messages a month ago

From Jason Cox to ~rjarry/aerc-devel

On Fri Feb 23, 2024 at 2:23 PM EST, inwit wrote:
> This patch is really nice. I've been wishing for it for a long time.
> I did some testing (although not exhaustive: 4 commands and 6 strategies
> is a lot). 

Thank you!

> I'm on a notmuch+maildir setup. I usually check the number of files by adding
> a msglist column like `column-copies = {{len .Filenames}}` which is deceiving
> because it does not always updates upon changes (that sucks, actually, more on
> that below).

I noticed that problem as well -- annoying.

[PATCH aerc v3 3/3] notmuch: add strategies for multi-file messages a month ago

From Jason Cox to ~rjarry/aerc-devel

A single notmuch message can represent multiple files. As a result,
file-based operations like move, copy, and delete can be ambiguous. Add
a new account config option, multi-file-strategy, to tell aerc how to
handle these ambiguous cases. Also add options to relevant commands to
set the multi-file strategy on a per-invocation basis.

If no multi-file strategy is set, refuse to take file-based actions on
multi-file messages. This default behavior is mostly the same as aerc's
previous behavior, but a bit stricter in some cases which previously
tried to be smart about multi-file operations (e.g., move and delete).

Applying multi-file strategies to cross-account copy and move operations
is not implemented. These operations will proceed as they have in the
past -- aerc will copy/move a single file. However, for cross-account
[message trimmed]

[PATCH aerc v3 2/3] notmuch: simplify moving a message a month ago

From Jason Cox to ~rjarry/aerc-devel

Delete the existing file from the database after indexing the new one to
avoid the need to remember and re-apply tags.

Signed-off-by: Jason Cox <me@jasoncarloscox.com>
 worker/notmuch/message.go | 11 +----------
 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 10 deletions(-)

diff --git a/worker/notmuch/message.go b/worker/notmuch/message.go
index 2a8b1730..09850d64 100644
--- a/worker/notmuch/message.go
+++ b/worker/notmuch/message.go
@@ -237,19 +237,10 @@ func (m *Message) Move(srcDir, destDir maildir.Dir) error {
		return fmt.Errorf("no matching message file found in %s", string(srcDir))
[message trimmed]

[PATCH aerc v3 1/3] notmuch: ignore duplicate msg ID error on delete a month ago

From Jason Cox to ~rjarry/aerc-devel

According to the comments in notmuch.h, removing a file returns
NOTMUCH_STATUS_DUPLICATE_MESSAGE_ID when the "filename was removed but
the message persists in the database with at least one other filename."

Based on the fact that the db.DeleteMessage() function is used in a
context that explicitly recognizes the possibility of multiple files and
only attempts to delete one of them, I'm fairly certain that the
existing behavior of ignoring all errors *except* the deplicate message
ID error is the result of a typo. (It also doesn't make sense to ignore

Cc: Tim Culverhouse <tim@timculverhouse.com>
Signed-off-by: Jason Cox <me@jasoncarloscox.com>
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