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missing zlib import 1 year, 8 months ago

From Jelle Licht to ~abcdw/rde-devel

I can not seem to pull recent versions of the rde repo as a guix
channel, as it seems there is a reference to unimported `zlib'

Perhaps in packages.scm?

Excuse or enjoy my brevity, new keyboard layout takes a while to get
used to.

  - Jelle

How to use org-webring offline 2 years ago

From Jelle Licht to ~brettgilio/org-webring

I've found that writing is easiest without distractions(=Internet); how
can one use org-webring in e.g. an org-publish project _without_
regenerating the webring itself? 

To clarify, it would be nice to be able to:
1) cache output of org-webring

2) force org-webring to use this cache

Is there perhaps already a way to do this?

 - Jelle

Love your site, found (perhaps) a licensing issue 2 years ago

From Jelle Licht to ~vdemeester/public-inbox


I recently stumbled upon your website, it is very inspiring to read.  If
I can offer a bit of constructive criticism, it seems you have most
content on your website licensed under this license at [0].

For the article at [1], I got reminded of ambrevar's amazing blog
article at [2], which is licensed under the license at [3].

Since I assume one of you has been inspired by the other, one of you
both might want to change licenses for that specific blog post, as your
version prohibits commercial purposes, whereas ambrevar's prohibits such