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Re: GitHub Copilot and open source laundering 7 days ago

From Jman to ~sircmpwn/public-inbox

> Point (2) is a fun one. I think the only good solution here that I'm aware of is
> through the enforcement of a license heading standard, such as SPDX.

Tangential to this, there's also a license management tool by the FSFE,
called REUSE: https://reuse.software/

The Rust project has a proposal to implement REUSE, by the way:


Re: IRC bot blog post 3 months ago

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> https://drewdevault.com/2018/03/10/How-to-write-an-IRC-bot.html is one
> of the first google results I got when searching for advice on how to
> create an IRC bot. I liked the article. I wanted an example but the
> link pointed to github, which no longer has the repository. I would
> appreciate if the new location for the repository (if it still exists)
> is given.

If I understand correctly, what you're looking for can be found here:


Nitter and DMCA takedown requests 6 months ago

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I thought to bring this to the attention all fellow Nitters:

Since the Nitter instance is proxying content that may be subject to
copyright *and* your Nitter instance could be indexed on search engines
*and* copyright holders may not have a clue about the difference between
Twitter and Nitter, the end result is that you may receive an unfriendly
letter to take your instance down.

If I read the comments correctly, if your hosting provider is not a
dick, a letter explaining why the Nitter instance is not infringing

Re: Please don't use Discord for FOSS projects 6 months ago

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This blog post resonates *so much* with me.

I had my share of issues [0] with Discord when I tried changing the email
associated to my account: their antispam bot went into a frenzy paranoid
mode and wanted my phone number (which is becoming a new trend among these
services). The user support was just as useless. I closed the account.
They don't care, they don't need users like us.

Since then I'm cut out of some FOSS communities I'd like to participate
(notably the Doom Emacs community).

Discord is objectively easy and convenient and some maintainers just
don't have bandwidth to roll their own solution. Pointing out that it's

Re: My philosophy for productive instant messaging 7 months ago

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> My understanding of how IRC works is that you miss everything that is
> sent while you are not connected. Can you speak more to a
> "recommended" set-up such that if you are not around, you can still
> easily find highlights when you go to look?
> Is the answer to set up a bouncer? Is simply that your computer always
> has a client running? Does your client mark highlights for you to easily
> view at your leisure?

Exactly my thoughts, thanks for spelling them out.

In addition to these, I'd add a note about SSL encryption and end-to-end
encryption (or lack thereof), what the expectation should be in

Re: What are some of your favorite projects on sr.ht? 7 months ago

From jman to ~sircmpwn/sr.ht-discuss

"Alexey Yerin" <yyp@disroot.org> writes:

> * https://sr.ht/~yerinalexey/sushi
> * https://sr.ht/~yerinalexey/gtranslate

I'd like to double down on your self plug suggesting also this:

I didn't use it yet but I find it interesting. I'll keep it in mind next time I need it :)

Re: Link to download binaries? 7 months ago

From jman to ~gpanders/ijq

> If you click the Refs tab on https://git.sr.ht/~gpanders/ijq and then click on
> the name of the most recent release (v0.3.6 in this case) you should see a link
> on that page that contains a compiled binary release. Note that at this time,
> binaries are only compiled for x86_64 Linux.

Alright, got it, thank you so much.

I've briefly tested the tool and it's brilliant, great work!

Link to download binaries? 7 months ago

From Jman to ~gpanders/ijq


perhaps I'm not too familiar with how sr.ht stores binary releases, but I
could not find a way to download the binary release (i.e. with the `ijq`
file) by reading the README.md.

This link seems to point to the source release:

Can you help me out? Am I missing something? :)


Re: Is GitHub a derivative work of GPL'd software? 11 months ago

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Nik writes:

> I have a maybe naive question. Out of simplicity principle, why 
> not to
> treat ML algorithms in exactly the same way as human learning. 
> So if
> something is public other people already _can_ learn from it and 
> use in
> their work. We already have "models" in our brains. What's the 
> principal
> difference here?

My hunch is that human learning cannot be assimilated to machine

Re: Rust comments 1 year, 1 month ago

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Rust has a three tier suppot level for various architectures [1]. I am
unclear which `aarch64` you refer to, but if it's a Tier 1, it must work
and you should probably open an issue.

Other arch are a "best-effort" so support depends if there is a
volunteer with the proper hardware.

In any case, I'd suggest you to open a bug (or check if there is one
already opened).


[1] https://doc.rust-lang.org/nightly/rustc/platform-support.html