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Re: RFC: Organizations 11 days ago

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> If a group member is using their account credentials to e.g. run
> CI/CD, and that group member is for any reason unavailable, what's the
> plan for the rest of the group to make needed changes? With an
> org-specific credential which members can access, other users can step
> in to mitigate problems. If everyone is using their own creds for API
> access, that collaboration gets harder.

The reasoning about reducing the bus factor makes sense, and (imo) this
is better achieved by simply having more people access the service.

Sharing credentials is orthogonal to this and probably dangerous. If
org-specific credentials leak or are compromised, everyone needs to get
new credentials. With member-specific credentials, just that one token

Re: RFC: Organizations 12 days ago

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> In the end it might be better to use the same prefix "~" for both users
> and organizations. We would lose the ability to distinguish between
> users and organizations at a glance, but it spares us the burden of
> finding another suitable prefix.

If a prefix needs to be used, I agree to keep the existing "~". It's
ugly but at least it's consistent.

By the way, I never understood (or just forgot) the reasoning behind
that prefix for Sourcehut usernames.

Re: Any ETA for sourcehut as a registar/DNS provider? 24 days ago

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> Thinking of how DNS is
> currently, your only options are either the big oligopolists (yuck) or
> small providers like Zilore or Hurricane Electric (stretching "small"
> a bit here) that haven't caught up on modern standards like DNSSEC or
> record types.

May I add Namecheap to the list? Been using that since a couple of
years, (almost) never a hiccup, never shady rumours or weird acting

Re: [RFC] proposal 25 days ago

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First of all, great proposal!

> In the future, it would be nice to have the service cater to people
> working on things other than software within the FOSS ecosystem, for
> example art for a FOSS videogame

What is exactly blocking other kind of services being offered like
assets for websites or videogames, composing audio tracks, flyers,
design, pen-testing and so on? I imagine a bit like "a
craiglist for FOSS".

> [w.r.t.] Email as a contact

Re: Cutting jobs a month ago

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> After some news that some git hosting services are planning to cut
> jobs (...) if sourcehut is not planning to do, it could be a good
> point to sourcehut to be proud of.

My personal opinion is that "not cutting jobs" shouldn't be considered a
distinctive point for Sourcehut (or for other tech companies. Or for ANY
company for that matter!).

I think too many factors make Sourcehut (the company) different from
other tech companies, starting from the business model and practices
(f.e. tech companies that hire fast and in bulk, also fire people at the
same speed) to the funding (not VC backed but focused on organic

Blocking email domains with no DKIM record a month ago

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I'd like a piece of advice.

Some members of this and another mailing list on have no DKIM
record configured (i.e. no TXT record on "dkim._domainkey.$DOMAIN.tld")
so my mail server (rspamd, actually) bounces back their emails.

Because of this, it occurred to me that another mailing (not on
blocked my subscription because my mail server is bouncing back "too
many emails", so I had to manually confirm again my subscription.

I have a list of the offending domains without DKIM and am thinking to

Re: Access to the Git user's repositories with SSH + Soft Serve? a month ago

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> You can complete this process without a web browser by specifying push
> options:
> git push -o description="whatever" -o visibility=PUBLIC <remote> <branch>

Amazing, I didn't know that :)


Link to documentation:

Re: Access to the Git user's repositories with SSH + Soft Serve? a month ago

From jman to ~sircmpwn/

> The benefits: not being dependent of the browser to discover
> repositories.

Another nice feature (from the Soft Serve README): "Create repos on demand
with git push".

Sourcehut offers something similar but a bit more barebone: 'git push'
returns a URL that the user can copy on the browser and create a new
repo - if you remember how to build the string

Re: Is Sourcehut carbon-neutral? 2 months ago

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Interesting discussion!

I'll chime and mention - the only hosting I know that
promises actual 0% carbon footprint: their servers are passive cooled
(allowing adequate space and ventilation between racks) and use 100%
renewable energy (solar + hydro power).

(I have no connection with them)

Re: Simple traffic measures for 2 months ago

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It would be just useful+interesting to know which pages are most
visited, even without IP addresses or timestamps if we really want
anonymized data.

There /is/ a way to have ethical, non-spyware non-invasive analytics but
unfortunately any proposal fall on deaf ears.