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Re: My philosophy for productive instant messaging 13 days ago

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> My understanding of how IRC works is that you miss everything that is
> sent while you are not connected. Can you speak more to a
> "recommended" set-up such that if you are not around, you can still
> easily find highlights when you go to look?
> Is the answer to set up a bouncer? Is simply that your computer always
> has a client running? Does your client mark highlights for you to easily
> view at your leisure?

Exactly my thoughts, thanks for spelling them out.

In addition to these, I'd add a note about SSL encryption and end-to-end
encryption (or lack thereof), what the expectation should be in

Re: What are some of your favorite projects on sr.ht? 28 days ago

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"Alexey Yerin" <yyp@disroot.org> writes:

> * https://sr.ht/~yerinalexey/sushi
> * https://sr.ht/~yerinalexey/gtranslate

I'd like to double down on your self plug suggesting also this:

I didn't use it yet but I find it interesting. I'll keep it in mind next time I need it :)

Re: Link to download binaries? 28 days ago

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> If you click the Refs tab on https://git.sr.ht/~gpanders/ijq and then click on
> the name of the most recent release (v0.3.6 in this case) you should see a link
> on that page that contains a compiled binary release. Note that at this time,
> binaries are only compiled for x86_64 Linux.

Alright, got it, thank you so much.

I've briefly tested the tool and it's brilliant, great work!

Link to download binaries? 29 days ago

From Jman to ~gpanders/ijq


perhaps I'm not too familiar with how sr.ht stores binary releases, but I
could not find a way to download the binary release (i.e. with the `ijq`
file) by reading the README.md.

This link seems to point to the source release:

Can you help me out? Am I missing something? :)


Re: Is GitHub a derivative work of GPL'd software? 5 months ago

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Nik writes:

> I have a maybe naive question. Out of simplicity principle, why 
> not to
> treat ML algorithms in exactly the same way as human learning. 
> So if
> something is public other people already _can_ learn from it and 
> use in
> their work. We already have "models" in our brains. What's the 
> principal
> difference here?

My hunch is that human learning cannot be assimilated to machine

Re: Rust comments 6 months ago

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Rust has a three tier suppot level for various architectures [1]. I am
unclear which `aarch64` you refer to, but if it's a Tier 1, it must work
and you should probably open an issue.

Other arch are a "best-effort" so support depends if there is a
volunteer with the proper hardware.

In any case, I'd suggest you to open a bug (or check if there is one
already opened).


[1] https://doc.rust-lang.org/nightly/rustc/platform-support.html

aerc, mbsync, and postfix for maximum comfy offline email 6 months ago

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Hi Drew!

interesting your latest on offline mail management, I'm also a fan of
mbsync + $(MY_MUA). A tiny nit from my config:

# force recent TLS, by default mbsync tries everything fron TLSv1 to
# TLSv1.3 - not sure how many TLSv1.3 around
SSLVersions TLSv1.2

Though I'm curious why you setup a local Postfix instead of getting
mail directly from Migadu (agreed, Postfix is a PITA to configure). If
your goal is to have an offline copy, why not using straight good ol'
POP3(s)? I use mpop[1] for this.

Re: Thoughts on using lists as comments for blogs on pages 8 months ago

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Mehdi Sadeghi <mehdi@mehdix.org> writes:

> I was wondering whether it is possible to use lists.sr.ht as possible
> comment section for pages.sr.ht or a page hosted elsewhere. The idea is
> leaving a mailto: link on the page which will post a reply to a mailing
> list. Subsequently a webhook could be used to notify the static host to
> fetch replies using lists.sr.ht api and rebuild and republish the page.

If you don't abhor a bit of JavaScript in your page, you can try
embedding a bit of code that uses the Sourcehut paste API [0]. You can
code a form that sends a POST (create a comment), and then do a GET to
retrieve them. One comment, one paste.sr.ht item.

Re: [PATCH] Use a UTF-8 em dash instead of " - " 8 months ago

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Just out of curiosity, why use the UTF-8 entity instead of the ASCII character?

Re: [pages] Custom domains 9 months ago

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Drew DeVault <sir@cmpwn.com> writes:

> On Sat Feb 27, 2021 at 3:58 PM EST,  wrote:
>> As of now 'curl https://jkoshy.net' has started working, which is
>> great. 'curl https://www.jkoshy.net' however continues to report
>> the SSL error.
> These are treated as separate sites, and you need to publish them
> separately. I disrecommend using www. in $CURRENTYEAR, though.

curious about recommending against 'www.': why?