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Re: dkim validation 11 days ago

From jman to ~sircmpwn/

> I have a quick question about DKIM validation in your mailing list software. The message at
> is said to have an invalid DKIM signature

I'm not 100% sure of how it works, but Wikipedia says the verification
is done by searching this TXT DNS record

Which I don't seem to find in your config. Could this be the reason?

I used to this other tool to verify my DKIM:

Current status and future of Sourcehut 12 days ago

From jman to ~sircmpwn/

I would like to open a discussion thread about the current status and future of Sourcehut. I'd be
happy if this email could stimulate a discussion with project maintainers and other Sourcehut users.

As an outsider of the project, I can get a feel about the progress of Sourcehut by reading the blog.
Last post (March 2023) is about the financials of the previous year:

Latest technical progress report, October 2022:

### Places where conversations happen

The mailing lists and are the places where public conversations happen, so

Re: Element change of license and CLA 17 days ago

From jman to ~sircmpwn/public-inbox

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

> The new situation forces all others to share their their source code under
> AGPL, but allows them to sell closed-source proprietary forks. In other words,
> it's a "everyone else must share code under AGPL except us" situation.

In that blog post they also mention they if they wanted, they could have
made a closed-source fork at anytime:

>  (EDIT: to be clear, the sole reason for a CLA is to allow Element to
>  dual-license the software (...) not to give Element the ability to
>  relicense to a non-OSI license in future. After all, Element already
>  had that ability with the Apache license, and has not used it.)

Element change of license and CLA 17 days ago

From jman to ~sircmpwn/public-inbox


I am reading about the fork of the Matrix servers (Synapse and Dendrite)
operated by Element:

The current projects are owned by the Matrix Foundation and licensed as

The new fork by Element will use the AGPLv3 license and will require
contributors to sign the Apache CLA:

Sourcehut blocking Mastondon instances a month ago

From jman to ~sircmpwn/

Hi Drew,

I've noticed this commit:

and then I read this comment on Github[0] ("[...] I have blacklisted
Mastodon User-Agents across SourceHut's services.").

I'd like a bit more context. What does it block exactly? Is this
blocking just images being fetched for previews? Which Sourcehut
services does this affect? Example: what happens if a Mastodon instance
tries to fetch a link in a Sourcehut mailing list? Does it affect also

[PATCH github-less-social 1/1] Replace avatars with placeholder 2 months ago

From jman to ~toastal/github-less-social

Signed-off-by: jman <>
 aggressive.txt | 5 +++++
 1 file changed, 5 insertions(+)

diff --git a/aggressive.txt b/aggressive.txt
index 3577163..af2e748 100644
--- a/aggressive.txt
+++ b/aggressive.txt
@@ -22,3 +22,8 @@,div) a:is([href^="/codespaces"], [href^="/explore"], [href^="/marketplace"])[href^="/codespaces"], [href^="/explore"]))[href^="/codespaces"])

[message trimmed]

[PATCH github-less-social 0/1] Replace avatars with a placeholder 2 months ago

From jman to ~toastal/github-less-social

Hey, thanks for this useful project!

I also maintain a personal blacklist of GitHub UI elements I find distracting.
My pet peeves are avatars, so I just replace them with a black placeholder.

It may be even be a little bit extreme :) but I can't go back to seeing those
distracting PNGs while doing my work. The patch also has a link to the uBlock
Origin relevant documentation for other options.

Submitting this patch for evaluation, but feel free to ignore it.


jman (1):

Re: RFC: Organizations 4 months ago

From jman to ~sircmpwn/

> A proposal: we should implement organizations, which are an entity
> representing a group of users which can collectively own resources like
> git repositories.

I'm curious if this discussion led to some document establishing the way
forward to have organizations in Sourcehut. A roadmap would also be

Drew, any update/deliverable out of this discussion?


Re: Subscribtion to mailing list with custom email 5 months ago

From jman to ~sircmpwn/

>> FWIW, I know people have trouble sending me email from *.xyz addresses
>> because apparently these domains are too often abused by spammers, so
>> messages from such domain carry a heavy "stigma".
> Thank you for the information. I was not aware of this when I chose the
> domain. This is unfortunate.

As owner of an .xyz domain I feel compelled to interject when the
argument is raised that .xyz domains are used by spammers.

This is NOT the case ANYMORE. Please check the statistics from
Spamhaus[0] or any other similar spam report entity.

Re: Template repositories 5 months ago

From jman to ~sircmpwn/

>> You can write a script to do that and then commit the boilerplate
>> files.
> So, I urge the user to run that script through my README?

See what would work best for you. One idea could be having a repository with a
sample script, invite users to clone your repository, configure this script and
then run it to configure their own repository on Sourcehut.

Something like this (not tested):