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Re: GPG-signed mails with git-send-email 6 days ago

From jman to ~sircmpwn/

> Is there a (simple) way to have git-send-email send GPG-signed emails?
> I currently have it configured to send directly to the SMTP server (with the password safely stored
> in a KeePassXC database).

You can have git send GPG signed emails by configuring git as follows:

    email = XXX
    name = YYY
    signingkey = ZZZ

Re: Empty reply from 20 days ago

From jman to ~sircmpwn/

> When the build job for my static site attempts to `acurl` the tarball to
>, it is erroring with "Empty reply from
> server":

Probably unrelated to your question: Is there a reason for using `acurl`? If I remember correctly it has been superseded by `hut`:


Re: "DKIM Signature: missing" on a message with "Authentication-Results:; dkim=pass" a month ago

From jman to ~sircmpwn/

> says [DKIM signature: missing] but simultaneously says
>  Authentication-Results:; dkim=pass
> and the message both (a) has a DKIM signature, and (b) it's valid.

Possibly related to?

Re: dns oddities with 3 months ago

From jman to ~sircmpwn/

Greg Minshall <> writes:

> hi.  i am seeing odd behavior resolving

Hi, in case you're not aware, Sourcehut is being ddos'ed so any issue is certainly related to the infra work been done and any sort of issues are to be expected until a solution is in place.

Re: Sourcehut works without billing 3 months ago

From jman to ~sircmpwn/

> Quote from <>:

To be honest I think that that page could use a little help in
clarifying what Sourcehut offers, what is free and what will become
paid. A complete overview of Sourcehut services could probably help, I
was not able t ofind such a summary. Example:

| Service      | Description                                  | Price       |
|    | Git source code hosting                      | Free to use |
|     | Mercurial source code hosting                | Free to use |
|  | Mailing lists hosting                        | Free to use |

Re: lists and attachments 3 months ago

From jman to ~sircmpwn/

Similar request when submitting bug reports:<>

Judging by the lack of feedback in that thread, my hunch is that
Sourcehut maintainers want to keep things text-only, so we need to find
our way around this limitation - which I agree it may hinder the
preservation of the full history of a project.

If you want to stay inside Sourcehut in the hope that your attachments
will last longer than another 3rd-party service, you can create an
unlisted git repository, push binaries there, then link the commit: the
image won't be visible, but at least you have a link to download it. If
you have a paying subscripion to Sourcehut - you can use to

Re: dkim validation 4 months ago

From jman to ~sircmpwn/

> I have a quick question about DKIM validation in your mailing list software. The message at
> is said to have an invalid DKIM signature

I'm not 100% sure of how it works, but Wikipedia says the verification
is done by searching this TXT DNS record

Which I don't seem to find in your config. Could this be the reason?

I used to this other tool to verify my DKIM:

Current status and future of Sourcehut 4 months ago

From jman to ~sircmpwn/

I would like to open a discussion thread about the current status and future of Sourcehut. I'd be
happy if this email could stimulate a discussion with project maintainers and other Sourcehut users.

As an outsider of the project, I can get a feel about the progress of Sourcehut by reading the blog.
Last post (March 2023) is about the financials of the previous year:

Latest technical progress report, October 2022:

### Places where conversations happen

The mailing lists and are the places where public conversations happen, so

Sourcehut blocking Mastondon instances 5 months ago

From jman to ~sircmpwn/

Hi Drew,

I've noticed this commit:

and then I read this comment on Github[0] ("[...] I have blacklisted
Mastodon User-Agents across SourceHut's services.").

I'd like a bit more context. What does it block exactly? Is this
blocking just images being fetched for previews? Which Sourcehut
services does this affect? Example: what happens if a Mastodon instance
tries to fetch a link in a Sourcehut mailing list? Does it affect also