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Re: [BUG] `$ guix shell` fails with error 1 year, 4 months ago

From Johan Johansson to ~jojo/carth-devel

When I first tried to send this mail, SMTP failed with a "recipient
not found" error, so I assume your e-mail domain has gone down. You
probably won't ever see this mail then, but just in case, here is my

Hello blake, and thank you for the message!

I'm very sorry for not replying earlier -- I only just discovered that
I was not subscribed to my own mailing lists on Sourcehut by
default! Talk about suboptimal UX... 

> I love the idea of Carth! I'm a schemer and a LLVM scheme-like with a
> Hindley-Milner type system sounds fantastic. and I love that you are
> producing it with an anti-capitalist license.