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Re: MathML support in wikis 25 days ago

From Jon Sterling to ~sircmpwn/sr.ht-discuss

Hi Drew,

Thanks for your quick response --- I agree that MathML isn't perfect
(far from it); as a working mathematician, I have really struggled
with what I perceive to be a disconnect between the goals of the
MathML specification and the needs of 'actually existing' hypertext
mathematics. Nonetheless, I find it to be somewhat similar to HTML and
most other web standards --- which are also an utter mess (but I am
aware that you also don't support general HTML on the wiki, perhaps
for similar reasons). It's worth also keeping in mind that MathML is
changing significantly at the moment, and being stripped down to remove
a lot of the cruft, though I understand if you don't find these changes
to be sufficient.

MathML support in wikis 25 days ago

From Jon Sterling to ~sircmpwn/sr.ht-discuss

Hello SourceHut team,

I think I understand the motivations for wikis only rendering markdown
pages; however, I wonder if it would be possible to relax the rendering
slightly to support MathML [1] tags? MathML is an open standard for
writing mathematical expressions in hypertext formats.

MathML is often rendered using JavaScript tools like MathJax, but I am
not asking for MathJax support (or any other JavaScript stuff). We are
seeing increasing built-in support of MathML in web browsers [2], and it
makes sense to support that effort.


Domain request form yields 404 25 days ago

From Jon Sterling to ~sircmpwn/searchhut-discuss

This project looks really cool and promising! I tried to access the
domain request form (https://searchhut.org/request) but it is currently
returning 404. I was hoping to add to the index a few encyclopedic
websites about mathematics to round out the search results --- right now
when you search for mathematical topics, wikipedia is the only relevant
results showing up but wikipedia is often a bit unreliable in this
area. Here are the sites I wanted to add:

- the nLab: https://ncatlab.org/nlab/show/HomePage. This is a wiki
for collaborative work on Mathematics, Physics, and Philosophy —
especially, but far from exclusively, from the n-point of view: with a
sympathy towards the tools and perspective of higher algebra, homotopy
theory, type theory, category theory and higher category theory.

MailMate does not seem to flow text a month ago

From Jon Sterling to ~sircmpwn/public-inbox

It seems that the MailMate client does not hard wrap text automatically. Is anyone else noticing this?