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Hi, hope this is the right place to report issues.

The length of the selected line highlight in the form of a different background
colour is only coloured in as far as the longest line in the document.
The background colour is not changed for link lines.

In combination this causes a problem for lines in the document that are both a
link line and also the longest line in the document, because then there will not
be any highlight for the line. This is further complicated if multiple links
have this same length, as one will not be able to tell from a static image which
line they are on. The would have to move the cursor around and/or guess which is
the current line.

I am willing to work on this problem but first wanted to check what would be the
preferred solution as I myself had multiple ideas and there sure are more.

These are some solutions I could come up with, ordered from imho best to worst.

1. The background is changed for link lines, i.e. ordinary highlight everywhere.
2. With my tests with <gemini://gemini.conman.org/test/torture/0043> it seems
   there is always some space to the right of the text (in error?). This could
   be used by highlighting the entire viewport width.
3. Indent all lines and use the leading space for highlight. This could use up
   the trailing whitespace mentioned in (2).

For reference:
I used Debian 4.19.160-2 (2020-11-28) and checked out the currently latest
commit f4ab4b820ca1c5b2d92b2d5fc4eec785c493ce4c.

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