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Re: error: PAM 'greetd' service missing 5 days ago

From Kenny Levinsen to ~kennylevinsen/greetd

Copy it to `/etc/pam.d/greetd`. The login fallback has been removed in 

Re: [PATCH] Fix typo in manpage a month ago

From Kenny Levinsen to ~kennylevinsen/wlsunset-devel

Applied, thanks!

Re: systemd starts unwanted user services for greetd "greeter" user 2 months ago

From Kenny Levinsen to ~kennylevinsen/greetd-devel

> I can see in the source code for greetd that XDG_SESSION_CLASS is being
> set to "greeter", so presumably these services could filter out running
> on the greeter user.

The greeter session class is pretty much only used for a single error 
check in systemd, so no real behavior change.

> Is there anything more I should do from the greetd side to prevent these
> services from starting, or should this be reported in the respective
> issue tracker for each of the services?

Create a home folder for the greeter user (e.g., /var/lib/greetd/home or 
something) to silence those errors, and afterwards if needed su to the 
greeter user and mask any user services you don't want.

Re: graphical-session.target stays active after logout 2 months ago

From Kenny Levinsen to ~kennylevinsen/greetd-devel

> But when I exit sway. Or if I close the session via `loginctl 
> kill-session  N` this target and everything that depends on it stays 
> active. (And subsequently becomes rather angry and dysfunctional since 
> the session is gone. Especially if I re-login nothing works)
> So something triggers graphical-session.target to become active. But 
> nothing seems to take care to take it down.
> I think greetd does it via the session d-dbus commands...

No, greetd does not know of or speak to systemd (outside what the 
pam_systemd.so module does automatically).

Re: [PATCH v2] seatd: fix double close of file handle 2 months ago

From Kenny Levinsen to ~kennylevinsen/seatd-devel

Applied, thanks!

Re: [PATCH] seatd: fix double close of file handle 2 months ago

From Kenny Levinsen to ~kennylevinsen/seatd-devel

> diff --git a/seatd/seat.c b/seatd/seat.c
> index d09b2eb..20b6bca 100644
> --- a/seatd/seat.c
> +++ b/seatd/seat.c
> @@ -62,7 +62,6 @@ static void seat_update_vt(struct seat *seat) {
>   		return;
>   	}
>   	seat->cur_vt = terminal_current_vt(tty0fd);
> -	close(tty0fd);
Nice catch!

It would be more consistent with the other terminal utilities if it was 
the caller responsibility to close - i.e., if terminal_current_vt had 
its close call removed rather than seat_update_vt.

Re: Feature request: Backlight control 3 months ago

From Kenny Levinsen to ~kennylevinsen/seatd-devel

On 2023-11-08 12.27, Sertonix wrote:
> Since seatd provides access to graphics and input devices it maybe
> would make sense to allow backlight controll throught seatd.

Backlight control is achieved by writing to e.g. 
/sys/class/backlight/intel_backlight/brightness. You can make a udev 
rule which gives your user access.

You would not gain much from adding a random backlight API to seatd. The 
nice way to do this would be for the KMS property patches Simon mentions 
to be picked up.

Re: [PATCH 3/3] libseat: add libseat_open_noop_seat() 3 months ago

From Kenny Levinsen to ~kennylevinsen/seatd-devel

> +/**
> + * Opens a seat with the noop backend.
> + */
> +struct libseat *libseat_open_noop_seat(const struct libseat_seat_listener *listener, void *userdata);
> +

What's the use-case for a libseat user to specifically request the noop 
seat? It seems a bit odd to programmatically open noop considering it's 
just going to be open(2) underneath.

gtkgreet 0.8 4 months ago

From Kenny Levinsen to ~kennylevinsen/greetd-announce

Announcing the release of gtkgreet 0.8.



gtkgreet 0.8

This release makes some changes to customization and adds French,
Russian and Spanish translations.

Hugo Osvaldo Barrera (1):
       Update reference to deprecated constant

Re: Setting tty owner 4 months ago

From Kenny Levinsen to ~kennylevinsen/greetd-devel

On 2023-09-16 06.21, William wrote:
> Hi,
> Id like to reraise the idea of handing ownship of the tty to the user on 
> login, my use case for this is rootless X which i cannot get working 
> without calling chown.

Can you try the `chown` branch?