greetd crashing on 0.9.0 immediately after login

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Not sure if this is the best place to report this? I've configured
greetd to use tuigreet. Immediately after logging in I get the error -
read main panicked at 'unable to exec: EACCESS'


Included core dump below:

   PID: 251087 (greetd)
           UID: 1000 (jpeeler)
           GID: 1000 (jpeeler)
        Signal: 6 (ABRT)
     Timestamp: Sat 2023-07-01 16:06:33 EDT (41min ago)
  Command Line: /usr/bin/greetd --session-worker 12
    Executable: /usr/bin/greetd
 Control Group: /user.slice/user-1000.slice/session-8.scope
          Unit: session-8.scope
         Slice: user-1000.slice
       Session: 8
     Owner UID: 1000 (jpeeler)
       Boot ID: d167dd84b9294b47b53bbf2f09db9061
    Machine ID: 2e7d9892deae4cbba8c5bd33ac80ceae
      Hostname: localhost.localdomain
  Size on Disk: 242.0K
       Package: greetd/0.9.0-4.fc38
      build-id: 8bdeca9fdc57b67fabd18aad2518e76a2d8ffc86
       Message: Process 251087 (greetd) of user 1000 dumped core.

                Module libnss_systemd.so.2 from rpm systemd-253.5-1.fc38.x86_64
                Module libnss_altfiles.so.2 from rpm
                Module libnss_sss.so.2 from rpm sssd-2.9.1-1.fc38.x86_64
                Module pam_lastlog.so from rpm pam-1.5.2-16.fc38.x86_64
                Module pam_umask.so from rpm pam-1.5.2-16.fc38.x86_64
                Module pam_succeed_if.so from rpm pam-1.5.2-16.fc38.x86_64
                Module libcap.so.2 from rpm libcap-2.48-6.fc38.x86_64
                Module pam_systemd.so from rpm systemd-253.5-1.fc38.x86_64
                Module pam_limits.so from rpm pam-1.5.2-16.fc38.x86_64
                Module pam_namespace.so from rpm pam-1.5.2-16.fc38.x86_64
                Module pam_keyinit.so from rpm pam-1.5.2-16.fc38.x86_64
                Module pam_loginuid.so from rpm pam-1.5.2-16.fc38.x86_64
                Module pam_selinux.so from rpm pam-1.5.2-16.fc38.x86_64
                Module libcrack.so.2 from rpm cracklib-2.9.7-31.fc38.x86_64
                Module libpwquality.so.1 from rpm
                Module pam_pwquality.so from rpm
                Module pam_permit.so from rpm pam-1.5.2-16.fc38.x86_64
                Module pam_nologin.so from rpm pam-1.5.2-16.fc38.x86_64
                Module pam_sepermit.so from rpm pam-1.5.2-16.fc38.x86_64
                Module pam_deny.so from rpm pam-1.5.2-16.fc38.x86_64
                Module pam_sss.so from rpm sssd-2.9.1-1.fc38.x86_64
                Module libz.so.1 from rpm zlib-1.2.13-3.fc38.x86_64
                Module libcrypto.so.3 from rpm openssl-3.0.9-1.fc38.x86_64
                Module libkeyutils.so.1 from rpm keyutils-1.6.1-6.fc38.x86_64
                Module libkrb5support.so.0 from rpm krb5-1.20.1-8.fc38.x86_64
                Module libcom_err.so.2 from rpm e2fsprogs-1.46.5-4.fc38.x86_64
                Module libk5crypto.so.3 from rpm krb5-1.20.1-8.fc38.x86_64
                Module libkrb5.so.3 from rpm krb5-1.20.1-8.fc38.x86_64
                Module libgssapi_krb5.so.2 from rpm krb5-1.20.1-8.fc38.x86_64
                Module libpcre2-8.so.0 from rpm pcre2-10.42-1.fc38.1.x86_64
                Module libtirpc.so.3 from rpm libtirpc-1.3.3-1.rc1.fc38.x86_64
                Module libnsl.so.3 from rpm libnsl2-2.0.0-5.fc38.x86_64
                Module libselinux.so.1 from rpm libselinux-3.5-1.fc38.x86_64
                Module libcrypt.so.2 from rpm libxcrypt-4.4.35-1.fc38.x86_64
                Module pam_unix.so from rpm pam-1.5.2-16.fc38.x86_64
                Module pam_localuser.so from rpm pam-1.5.2-16.fc38.x86_64
                Module pam_usertype.so from rpm pam-1.5.2-16.fc38.x86_64
                Module pam_faildelay.so from rpm pam-1.5.2-16.fc38.x86_64
                Module pam_env.so from rpm pam-1.5.2-16.fc38.x86_64
                Module libeconf.so.0 from rpm libeconf-0.4.0-5.fc38.x86_64
                Module libaudit.so.1 from rpm audit-3.1.1-1.fc38.x86_64
                Module libpam_misc.so.0 from rpm pam-1.5.2-16.fc38.x86_64
                Module libpam.so.0 from rpm pam-1.5.2-16.fc38.x86_64
                Module greetd from rpm greetd-0.9.0-4.fc38.x86_64
                Stack trace of thread 251087:
                #0  0x00007f1d60b69844 __pthread_kill_implementation
(libc.so.6 + 0x8e844)
                #1  0x00007f1d60b18abe raise (libc.so.6 + 0x3dabe)
                #2  0x00007f1d60b0187f abort (libc.so.6 + 0x2687f)
                #3  0x000055dcffa7b367
_ZN11panic_abort18__rust_start_panic5abort17hf3ac2bb58f2924ceE (greetd
+ 0x65367)
                #4  0x000055dcffa7b356 __rust_start_panic (greetd + 0x65356)
                #5  0x000055dcffaa9be6 rust_panic (greetd + 0x93be6)
                #6  0x000055dcffaab79b
_ZN3std9panicking20rust_panic_with_hook17h018fc3a3af9df282E (greetd +
                #7  0x000055dcffaab3d4
(greetd + >
                #8  0x000055dcffaab336
(greetd + 0x95336)
                #9  0x000055dcffaab321 rust_begin_unwind (greetd + 0x95321)
                #10 0x000055dcffa22132
_ZN4core9panicking9panic_fmt17hd715ee9e00b3395bE (greetd + 0xc132)
                #11 0x000055dcffa224c2
_ZN4core6result13unwrap_failed17he231b83df208ece9E (greetd + 0xc4c2)
                #12 0x000055dcffa37fda
(greetd + 0x21fda)
                #13 0x000055dcffa5a0a8
_ZN6greetd7session6worker4main17h3ac87680b2a530fbE (greetd + 0x440a8)
                #14 0x000055dcffa64d05
(greetd + 0x4ed05)
                #15 0x000055dcffa61030
_ZN6greetd4main17h713c0b27144399b7E (greetd + 0x4b030)
                #16 0x000055dcffa33ec6
(greetd + 0x1dec6)
                #17 0x000055dcffa657c1 main (greetd + 0x4f7c1)
                #18 0x00007f1d60b02b4a __libc_start_call_main
(libc.so.6 + 0x27b4a)
                #19 0x00007f1d60b02c0b __libc_start_main@@GLIBC_2.34
(libc.so.6 + 0x27c0b)
                #20 0x000055dcffa281e5 _start (greetd + 0x121e5)
                ELF object binary architecture: AMD x86-64

Is there anything else I can provide to help debug this?

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On 7/1/23 22:59, Jeff Peeler wrote:
> Not sure if this is the best place to report this? I've configured
> greetd to use tuigreet. Immediately after logging in I get the error -
> read main panicked at 'unable to exec: EACCESS'

That's execve failing to exec /bin/sh to run your session command line 

As per `man 2 execve`, these are possible causes for that error:

- Search permission is denied on a component of the path prefix of 
pathname or the name of a script interpreter.  (See also 

- The file or a script interpreter is not a regular file.

- Execute permission is denied for the file or a script or ELF interpreter.

- The filesystem is mounted noexec.

Seeing that an absolute path to /bin/sh is used, PATH shouldn't matter. 
If you use Fedora or similar, maybe you are dealing with an SELinux 
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