greetd not allowing valid toml multiline strings in /etc/greetd/config.toml

rusty the hermit <rustythehermit@gmx.com>
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> cat /etc/greetd/config.toml
# The VT to run the greeter on. Can be "next", "current" or a number
# designating the VT.
vt = 1

# The default session, also known as the greeter.

# `agreety` is the bundled agetty/login-lookalike. You can replace `/bin/sh`
# with whatever you want started, such as `sway`.
command = """tuigreet \
--power-shutdown 'systemctl poweroff' \
--power-reboot 'systemctl reboot' \
--time --user-menu --remember \
--cmd sway-run"""

# The user to run the command as. The privileges this user must have depends
# on the greeter. A graphical greeter may for example require the user to be
# in the `video` group.
user = "root"
> greetd
expected equals sign on line, but found none

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