Re: Seatd on antiX follow up and questions

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On Thu, Dec 29 2022 at 09:14:13 AM -05:00:00, Steve Rinsler 
<steve.rinsler@gmail.com> wrote:
> So my two question are,
> (1) when does seatd need to have gpg-agent running and when does it 
> work without gpg-agent? and
> (2) is there an alternative nosystemd package to gpg-agent that is 
> likely available in full versions of nosystemd installs that my 
> minimalist system doesn’t have?

GPG_AGENT_INFO sounds like a red herring unrelated to your observations 
of Pipewire working. seatd and libseat are also unrelated to pipewire 
working or not.

libseat talks to seatd, seatd talks to libseat. seatd does not interact 
with any other system components whatsoever, and only your display 
server uses libseat. If you are not having issues with your display 
server, then you are not having issues with libseat or seatd.
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