Ability to control screen backlight brightness

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The only reason I still haven't moved from gammastep is it's ability to 
dim the screen backlight at night. Is it possible to add this feature to 
this project?
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gammastep does not adjust screen backlight to my knowledge. It 
desaturates colors on the screen to make it look dimmer, significantly 
reducing the effective dynamic range of the monitor (which is already 
reduced a bit by the blue light filter).

This is a major hack that I would not want to use myself. For trying 
out proper sun-tracking backlight control, I think the best starting 
point would just be to fork wlsunset and replace all the wayland code 
with backlight updates (/sys/class/backlight/*/brightness for now as 
DRM has yet to absorb backlight control), at least for laptop screens.

It should be noted that the required backlight is not really tied to 
the phase of the sun, but is rather tied to the amount of ambient 
light. Personally I use a small script that runs when I start sway and 
every time the lid is opened to set the brightness based on a random 
heuristic I made (I was too lazy to use my ambient light sensor), as my 
only concern is spontaneous blinding when opening my laptop at night 
after using it during the day.
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