my brother lives in a canyon - now available!

Kenneth Dodrill
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my brother lives in a canyon is now available on Windows and Linux!

Steam - https://store.steampowered.com/app/1641020/my_brother_lives_in_a_canyon

itch.io - https://stormkmd.itch.io/my-brother-lives-in-a-canyon

launch trailer - https://odysee.com/@kmdodrill:c/my-brother-lives-in-a-canyon-launch-trailer:0

making of - https://odysee.com/@kmdodrill:c/making-of-my-first-commercial-game:b

a short game set in southwestern america, my brother lives in a canyon is about two brothers reminiscing over short-wave radios.

you play as jake, and begin walking down the trail to meet with your brother, tom. along the way you talk about old times.


* a unique environment to explore.
* a casual script that aims to tell an interesting story.
* a 15-30 minute experience that can be completed in one sitting.
* some Aesop Rock references. Hello From The Spirit (err...virtual?) World!
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