[gmnigit] object not found during refs page generation

Omar Polo
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I got an error in the tags page generation with the telescope[0] repo.
Yesterday I tagged the 0.1 version, and now I discovered that this seems
to cause problem with gmnigit.

With the following patch

diff 3a4eef1f68b622e5fda135b9648b51bd128bab56 /home/op/w/gmnigit
blob - 4cf2551fd23b8c090bd39a0003ce67f4ac2ea345
file + commits.go
--- commits.go
+++ commits.go
@@ -2,6 +2,7 @@ package main
 import (
+	"log"
@@ -88,6 +89,7 @@ func createRefsFile(r *git.Repository) {
 	err = iter.ForEach(func(ref *plumbing.Reference) error {
 		c, err := r.CommitObject(ref.Hash())
 		if err != nil {
+			log.Println("error with ref", ref)
 			return err

I get the following error

% go build && ./gmnigit -refs -name telescope \
	-dist tmp -repo /home/op/git/telescope.git  # a bare repo
2021/04/25 13:18:06 error with ref c59412bae30162e5b2c1b96d58a1028086aab2c2 refs/tags/0.1
2021/04/25 13:18:06 object not found

I don't have the time today to track it down, I'm just asking in case
you have an idea of what is causing that error.


Omar Polo

[0]: https://git.omarpolo.com/telescope
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