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That's a pretty neat idea!

I don't know about XBPS but Pacman on Artix lets you mark packages as
dependencies with `--asdeps` which will be marked for uninstalling once
the parent package is removed.  What I currently do in a similar way to
xim is make a dummy PKGBUILD where I list all the dependencies and
install that (which doesn't actually install anything, just the
dependencies), so I can then just do `pacman -Rns <project>-meta` when
I'm done to remove all the dependencies and crap I installed for it.  I
wonder if it'd be possible to do something like that for XBPS?  Or if
one could write a wrapper script like xim for Pacman using the dummy


Alex // nytpu
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Re: xim

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That's a great idea! Having a single meta package you can just uninstall
when you're done is much easier than grepping the file `xim` makes. Void
actually has a somewhat similar package build system to arch so it
_should_ be possible. I'll have to play around with it a bit. Ideally,
you could run `xim project-meta lib1 lib2 lib3` and it would generate
the package with its dependencies and install it in one swift move.
Thanks for bringing this up, if I get it setup I'll let you know!
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