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Re: The styleset patch has been reverted 4 days ago

From Reto to ~sircmpwn/aerc

Sorry, that's my mistake.

Also I just saw that I messed up during the rebase so that the commit appeared under my name instead of Srivathsan's... that was not my intention either.

So, blame's on me, won't happen again.

Kind regards,

Re: [PATCH v7] Add Style configuration 5 days ago

From Reto to ~sircmpwn/aerc

I've merged this to master.
Thank you so much for the hard work, this is awesome!


Re: [PATCH] notmuch: undefined variable when setting reply flag 5 days ago

From Reto to ~sircmpwn/aerc

Merged, thanks for the fix.


Re: [PATCH] Add `oauthbearer` support for SMTP 6 days ago

From Reto to ~sircmpwn/aerc


On Mon, May 25, 2020 at 02:11:00PM -0400, Rami Chowdhury wrote:
> From: R Chowdhury <necaris@gmail.com>
> +		if bearer.OAuth2.Endpoint.TokenURL == "" {
> +			return fmt.Errorf("No token URL for OAuth Bearer - no worky")
> +		}

Get rid of those kinds of childish remarks please.
Treat the user like an adult and keep it somewhat professional.


Re: [PATCH] msg/reply: scoping error of part slice for quoting 10 days ago

From Reto to ~sircmpwn/aerc

Thanks, merged.

Re: [PATCH] Fix typos 11 days ago

From Reto to ~sircmpwn/aerc

Merged thank you.


Re: [PATCH v2] pgp: recognize uppercase MIME signatures 11 days ago

From Reto to ~sircmpwn/aerc

On Thu, May 21, 2020 at 07:34:59AM -0700, impaqt wrote:
> I got an email the other day with an "APPLICATION/PGP-SIGNATURE"
> attachment that wasn't recognized because it wasn't a lowercase
> "application/pgp-signature". Perhaps MIME types should be lowercased
> globally upon parsing?

^ This will end up in the commit message and should not contain questions.

> ---

Here you can put "just in time" text for things like questions or anecdotes.
(Note the preceding ---)

> +	if strings.ToLower(info.MIMEType) == "application" {

[PATCH] imap: Remove FetchMessageBodyPart.{Encoding,Charset} 16 days ago

From Reto Brunner to ~sircmpwn/aerc

Fixes https://todo.sr.ht/~sircmpwn/aerc2/352 exactly as suggested by emersion.
Please do test. I didn't notice any breakage during testing but I'm not usually
using the imap worker so I may have missed some edge case.

 lib/msgstore.go          |  15 +--
 worker/imap/fetch.go     | 213 ++++++++++++++++++++-------------------
 worker/types/messages.go |   6 +-
 3 files changed, 111 insertions(+), 123 deletions(-)

diff --git a/lib/msgstore.go b/lib/msgstore.go
index b3a86b3..3fe26cb 100644
--- a/lib/msgstore.go
[message trimmed]

Re: Crashes, freezes and annoyances 17 days ago

From Reto to ~sircmpwn/aerc

On 15 May 2020 08:46:45 CEST, "Vladimír Dudr" <vladimir@tango-dj.cz> wrote:

>At this moment Aerc is that much unstable that I will revert back to
>Mutt probably soon. There are minor issues...

Feel free.
You do realize that aerc was never marked as stable and is still in an early state yes? It's even mentioned on the homepage that there are bugs.

>Like using external pager for mail viewing just doesn't work for me,
>aerc grabs some keys so I cannot use "-S" in less, without remapping
>program or other. Not good default I'd say.

The defaults are fine, the key grabbing is a bug no one took the time to fix.

Re: aerc character encoding 20 days ago

From Reto to ~sircmpwn/aerc

On 12 May 2020 14:56:53 CEST, "Antonin Décimo" <antonin.decimo@gmail.com> wrote:
>>From time to time, I receive email that’s not UTF-8, and characters
>are not rendered and instead show as \xxx. This is a problem when
>reading mail. Is this a weird bug on my end, or is it because the mail
>is never converted to utf-8 when displayed? 

You have encoding issues when reading the message? Are you on the master branch version? It should just decode automatically there. The latest release version is still buggy iirc.

 What is still a bug on master is replying... it's a know issue no one fixed yet. But there should be no shenanigans with piping involved.
Rather it should just do the right thing and decode it on the fly.