[FOLLOW-UP] Hack Night #16

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Hi all!

Thanks to everyone that showed up for Wednesday's hack night. This was
officially the largest Rust Hack Night we've held, with a total of 16 people
attending. More of that please!

Thanks to Alice for giving and good and engaging talk on Futures in Rust, and
the future of Futures. There were many insightful questions and a lively

	Next hack night

The next hack night should fall on June 26, if we stick to Wednesday's for the
time being (which I think we should). I am going to need one or more volunteers
to help host the hack night, as I'll be away on holiday. I'll ask Kei and/or
Johan from Omnio to help with access to the building and practical things, but
if you would like to lend a hand, please let us know!

	Open call for talks

Remember that we have an open call for talks! Do you want to give a talk on
something awesome that you've been doing with Rust? Let me know, and I'll be
happy to put your talk on the program.

Until next time!
-- Thomas
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