The real Hack Night #17

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Hi all,

The last e-mail sent out on this list was two months ago. Back then I promised
that the June event would happen even though I wouldn't be there to attend.

This did not happen. My apologies to anyone that showed up to a no-show event,
that was not my intention. I think we have learned that the summer period should
not have any planned meet-ups.

I hope you are still interested in attending a Copenhagen Rust Hack Night,
because it's happening in two weeks! As usual we are looking for talks, will be
providing some food and of course a space to discuss all things Rust. The date

	Wednesday, August 28, 18:00—22:00

at the usual location. I've updated https://cph.rs/ as well.

If you plan on attending, please let me know. You are of course welcome
unannounced, I only need to know how much food to buy.

Hope to see you all in two weeks!

All the best,
-- Thomas
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