[FOLLOWUP] Hack Night #19

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Thanks to everyone that showed up last night for what might have been the
largest turnout so far for a hack night! You guys are awesome!

Thanks to Gustav and David for giving some great talks: If you guys want me to
add your slides to the website, just send them to me and I'll get them uploaded.

# Next hack night

The website has been updated with the next hack night:

	Wednesday, November 27, 2019

As usual, we are looking for talks, so if you want to give one, just send me an
e-mail with title, what name I should put on and any links you want added.

This will also be the last hack night of 2019, and incidentally also the 20th
before entering 2020.

# New look for the website?

The current design of cph.rs has served well for some time, but I'm beginning to
think it could use an update.

 * Right now there's only an index.html that I manually maintain. With each hack
   night the page gets longer and longer, so one idea is to make an "archive" or
   "past events" page, that's linked 

 * Another idea is to create a kind of members/participants/contributors page,
   we can link people's profiles (GitHub, and whatnot), something like what they
   have on http://www.polyglots.dk/

Do you want to contribute a redesign proposal? Fork the repo:


and submit a PR with your redesign! Small changes and bugfixes are also very
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