[UPDATE] Hack Night #21

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Hello all,

Just a brief update before Wednesday night, our 21st hack night is already
looking like it's going to be a good evening with lots of Rust enthusiasts and
good talks.

At this point there's already 20 people signed up, so our usual spot is going to
be a little strapped for space, but we'll make it work, I'm sure.

We've also added a second talk to the program, so now the agenda looks as

 * 18:15—19:00 Talk by Alice Ryhl: The Future is here

 * 19:00—19:15 Short break in which we grab some pizza

 * 19:15—20:00 Talk by Jesper Steen Møller: My tiny improvement in rustc

Apparently, there have also been requests for recordings of talks: There is some
equipment at the Omnio office that we could try, but I have no experience with
recording talks (I think the biggest challenge is getting quality audio), so I
cannot promise any good results. We'll see what we can do.

See you all on Wednesday!
-- Thomas
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