Rust Hack night #27

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Hey everyone,

We are excited to see you all again this, and hope you can come 
Thursday, July 28th
We will be meeting at Connected Cars's new office at Borgmester 
Christiansens Gade 50, 2450 København

The agenda this time will be:

  * 18:05-18:15 Introduction, and welcome back
  * 18:15-19:00 Aske - Wrapping a multi-threaded C++ API in a Safe Rust API
  * 19:00-19:45 Food
  * 19:45-20:30 Fabian - I build a tool I use in Rust
  * 20:30-..         Hang out, hacking and networking

The website is also  with the information(https://cph.rs/).
If you plan to participate, please give us a heads up so we have an
approximate idea of how many we will be! By signing up at this meetup 

In excitement--until then,
Simon, Christian, and Frederik
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