Rust Hack Night #3: Embedded on Espressif's ESP32C3

Simon Shine <simon@simonshine.dk>
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We are excited to invite you to:

Rust Hack Night #3: Embedded on Espressif's ESP32C3

Time: Thursday March 7, 2024 at 17:00 to 22:00
Location: Veo Technologies, Rovsingsgade 68, 2100 Copenhagen
Signup: https://www.meetup.com/copenhagen-rust-community/events/299451605/

This night we code bare-metal Rust on Espressif's ESP32C3 microcontroller. We will have a workshop-style format where people can do their own thing, or ask for help. We encourage participants to be familiar with Rust or embedded, but not necessarily both.

Our generous sponsors for this hack night are:

Espressif Systems, makers of the ESP32, have sponsored 25 dev kits that will be raffled to participants for use during the workshop and take home after.

Veo Technologies, makers of live-streaming cameras for sports events, and employers of embedded software developers in Copenhagen, have offered their offices as venue, and will be sponsoring nutrients during the hack night.

We would like to gather the cool projects made on a shared repository so that others around the world will find it easier to work with ESP32. So if you know what pet project you want to work on, and intend for it to be open source, then do think about committing your work to git for later sharing.

## Program

17:00 - 17:20: Welcome, sponsor intro
17:20 - 21:30: std::iter::from_fn(hack);
21:30 - 21:55: Show and tell, evaluate
21:55 - 22:00: core::mem::drop(presence);

Nutrients will be streamed during the event with a peak dosage at around 18:00.

## Seats and raffle

Since Espressif Systems give away free hardware to participants, we care to minimize no-shows. For that reason, we kindly ask that you revisit your RSVP status if you cannot attend.

- There are 50 raffle seats. This means if you get a seat, you get to share one dev kit with someone else, and you get to enter the raffle to bring it home. The only way to participate in the raffle is to sign up on Meetup.com, since that is how we keep track
- BYOB (Bring Your Own Board): If you are the lucky owner of an ESP32 board, and you're already bootstrapped to participate without raffling, you can write to us (simon@simonshine.dk) and we can fit you in.

Since the Veo Technologies venue is very big, we don't expect to reach the fire regulation limit, so we provide another option for participating:

- You just want to say hi: Feel free to come by and see what's going on. All you have to do here is write a comment on the Meetup.com invitation (or send an email, since you're reading the email invitation) to say you're thinking of coming. This ticket does not involve active coding or food.
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